Troika travel card dedicated to the Bike Festival: thematic cards on sale on 10 May

Troika travel card dedicated to the Bike Festival: thematic cards on sale on 10 May
You may win a card in the Bike Quest to be held on 19 May.

Troika travel cards, dedicated to the Spring Bike Festival, are to go on sale on 10 May, as reported in the press-service of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

"The Moscow Bike Festival is a city festive event thousands of people look forward to, and not only the Moscow residents. On its occasion, we have issued thematic Troika travel cards in the Bike Festival brand style. You can buy a commemorative card starting from 10 May at the metro ticket offices," the press-service said.

The total print of travel cards is 50,000 copies with two design options: the first one depicts cyclists on the background of the Moscow landmarks, the other one features a cyclist.

Anyone will also have a possibility to take part in the Bike Quest, which will be held during the Bike Festival with a thematic Troika card as the winner's prize.

"With the special Vkontakte app, you have to scan QR-codes you may find throughout Moscow  with most of them available at the Velobike stations, but other codes are hidden so that only active users can find them. For reading QR-codes, quest players are awarded points to exchange for Troika card and other gifts at the Moscow Bike Festival held on 19 May,'' the press-service added.

On 10 May, cyclists will ride along Sadovoye Koltso in a long column and the guests will participate in various competitions.

The legendary Sadovoye Koltso cycling race will precede the festival. It is an against-the-clock race for cycling enthusiasts.  Well-trained participants will ride 109 km (seven laps on the inside of Sadovoye Koltso). Those who just want to prove themselves will ride 47 km on the outside of the road. This is a ticketed event.

After the cycling race along Sadovoye Koltso, it will become available for all cyclists.  Traffic will be blocked off, so even young cyclists may safely join the column.  But children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Guests and participants meet at 12:00 pm at Akademika Sakharova Prospekt, the race is to start at 01:00 pm.

Those who do not have their own bike can rent it at any bike-share station. Besides, on 19 May, the Moscow and Moscow region residents will be allowed to carry their bicycles by train for free.