Carnival masks and the Bolshoi Theatre made of violas: unusual flower beds to see in Moscow

Carnival masks and the Bolshoi Theatre made of violas: unusual flower beds to see in Moscow
Flower beds featuring theatrical symbols appeared in Zemlyanoi Val Street, Gagarin Square, and along Varshavskoye and Rublevskoye motorways.

In Moscow, more than 30,000 viola flowers have been planted on thematic flower beds. Flower beds have been specially arranged to honour the Year of Theatre held in Russia. Bright floral compositions shaped as carnival masks have appeared in Zemlyanoi Val Street, on Rublevskoye Motorway and Gagarin Square. Varshavskoye Motorway features a flower bed shaped as the Bolshoi Theatre building with the total area of art-flower beds exceeding 300 sq m.

"Flower beds dedicated to the theatre art have been laid out in early May along the roads and outbound routes. Carnival masks, the Bolshoi Theatre building and the inscriptions '2019 is the Year of Theatre' have been created by landscape architects with multicoloured violas. In their design, orange, white, yellow, blue and purple colours prevail," the press service of the Motorways state-financed entity said.

On Gagarin Square, the Moscow citizens may admire orange-and-purple flower-beds with the area being almost 50 sq m. Varshavskoye Motorway features about 66 sq m of yellow, orange, blue and white viola beds. Rublevskoye Motorway delights with two beds of snow-white, blue and orange flowers with a total area of more than 130 sq m. You may see the same composition with the area of about 70 sq m in Zemlyanoi Val Street.

Motorways state-financed entity added that by summer, these flower beds are to be renovated with new flowers planted. Fading violas will be replaced by begonias, marigolds, flossflowers and cinerarias.

Compositions made of perennial and one-year flowers will decorate squares, embankments and the territories along the outbound routes.

As part of the Year of Theatre, Moscow is to host about one hundred major events. Moscow theatres will present 360 opening nights. With the support of the Department of Culture, 40 tours to the regions of Russia and abroad will be arranged. Besides, in 2019, more than 11 million people are expected to visit theatres.