May holidays: free parking days

May holidays: free parking days
On holidays, traffic intensity usually declines. Free parking will not affect the traffic.

Parking in Moscow will be free during May holidays. From 1 to 4 May and from 9 to 11 May, drivers are free to leave their cars in all the streets included in the urban parking area. It was announced by Deputy Moscow Mayor, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov at the Moscow Government Presidium meeting.

During May holidays, many Moscow residents leave for vacation in other cities or countries, or in their country houses. These days, the traffic traditionally declines. Free parking will not affect the traffic. Moscow residents and visitors will be free to leave their cars in any street, including those next to the festive venues to run in the capital.

At-grade parking lots with auto barriers will operate as usual at current rates.

Car drivers should be attentive and leave their cars only in approved locations, not to interfere with pedestrians and other drivers and prevent accidents.

You may learn how to park your car in Moscow, when you are allowed to park for free and how to obtain a resident parking permit, as well as how to check on and pay parking fines and what to do if your car has been towed away, from the guideline

Russia celebrates Spring and Labour Day on 1 May. It is a national holiday since 1918. Originally called the International Day, it was later renamed the International Workers' Day, May Day. It is called Spring and Labour Day since 1992. This year, 1 May falls on Wednesday. Thursday (2 May) and Friday (3 May) are to be holidays as well.

The day of the Red Army and the Soviet people victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was established as a holiday by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 8 May 1945. Annually, we celebrate it on 9 May. Since 1965, the Victory Day is a holiday. This year's Victory Day falls on Thursday with 10 May Friday being holiday as well.

During May holidays, Moscow traditionally hosts a wide variety of festive events. From 1 to 12 May, Moscow citizens may visit the Moscow Spring a Cappella music festival. Last year, its participants performed hundreds of concerts, sang thousands of songs and arranged creative workshops. Participants from 16 countries and 40 regions of Russia performed at 40 venues across Moscow.