Polish Babka, Lebanese Maamoul and more than 40 Easter bread varieties: treats to try at the Easter Gift festival

Polish Babka, Lebanese Maamoul and more than 40 Easter bread varieties: treats to try at the Easter Gift festival
Various venues around the city will offer Easter treats and lenten meals

The Easter Gift charity festival is launched in Moscow.  At various Moscow venues, you may try and buy more than 40 Easter bread varieties, lenten meals of fruits, vegetables and cereals, Easter treats cooked by 30 participating restaurants after Russian and foreign recipes.

At the Revolyutsii Square, guests may taste Polish babka and Mazurek fruit cake, Greek sweet bread ― Tsoureki,  traditional British Simnel Easter Fruit Fake, and Italian Colomba Pasquale topped with pearl sugar and almonds and Casatiello bread.

Guests will be offered a wide range of lentel foods: zucchini pancakes, couscous vegetable couscous, baked potatoes with mushrooms, pumpkin fried in breadcrumbs, chickpea soup, apple pancakes and baked apples with raisins, dried apricots and honey. In addition, visitors will enjoy Moldovian plăcintă ― a pie with a variety of fillings, fried or baked in the oven, meat loaf, Easter ham, rabbit in prunes, and ham bread called Easter bread in Germany. Cooks will also serve traditional South African marinated fish and Indian rice pancakes with lamb stew and vegetables.

On Tverskaya Square, guests can buy painted Easter eggs, try and buy Easter bread with unusual fillings ― tea rose, cranberries or dried fruits. As for lenten meals, you will enjoy mushrooms and bell pepper pilaf, vegetable pilaf, lenten apple strudel with raisins and cherries.

In addition, you may taste the Argentine Pasqualina pie. This salty puff pastry pie used to have 33 layers to  symbolise Jesus Christ's age. But this tradition has gone, and today Pasqualina is made of ordinary puff pastry. The pie is filled with spinach, chard, eggs, grated cheese and herbs.

Tverskoi Boulevard will offer falafel ―  deep-fried balls of crushed legumes (chickpeas and others) with spices and Lebanese maamoul ― semolina cookies with nuts, usually wreath-shaped. Another unusual dish is a lamb-shaped sweet cake, traditional German Easter baking. You can try it on Tverskoi Boulevard and Yunosti Square in Zelenograd.

Orekhovy Boulevard will have Austrian Reindling (cake with dates, raisins and nuts) to try, Profsoyuznaya Street ― the Austrian poppy seed strudel, and Dmitry Donskoi Boulevard ― Greek Easter bread.

The festival grounds offer other lenten meals. For example, Struwen ― Westphalian Pancakes, baked after a 11th century recipe of yeast dough with raisins, or 'shanezhki' buns with buckwheat porridge, mushrooms and onions. Besides, guests may purchase decorated Easter gingerbread and various home decor: pussy-willow decorations, spring plants wreaths, Easter angels figures, tablecloths and napkins. On 27 April, from 01:00 pm to 01:30 pm,  the Rector of the Church of the All-Merciful Saviour will bless Easter treats in Mitinskaya Street.

The Easter Gift festival has been held in Moscow since 2014. It starts on the Easter eve and lasts for the whole week following the holiday. Last year, the festival grounds were visited by over 4.7 million people. This year, the Easter Gift will run from 25 April to 5 May. Entertainment and charity events will be held at 250 venues throughout Moscow. Moscow residents will enjoy more than 160 workshops, over 100 lectures and seminars, as well as performances and sporting events.