It knows what's inside and buzzes if things get lost: Moscow schoolgirls invented a smart bag

It knows what's inside and buzzes if things get lost: Moscow schoolgirls invented a smart bag
For their invention, the School No. 2026 students were given vouchers to attend an engineering session in Orlyonok Russian Children's Centre.

Schoolgirls of the Moscow School No. 2026 invented a smart bag that makes a list of things inside. This innovative project was highly appreciated at the Moscow International Education Fair held on 10-13 April at VDNKh.

Due to a special device, the invention of the 10th form student Alexandra Rizhskaya and 8th form student Tatiana Sergeyeva reads and registers all the items put inside the bag.

"One day we were offered to dream up new functions of familiar objects. We came up at once with the idea of a bag that checks on your passport and keys. We wanted the bag to display in its mobile app a list of things it contains and report on items missing, and should the bag be lost, a search function to buzz," said Tatiana Sergeyeva.

Alexandra Rizhskaya added that they made all the electronics for their smart bag using robotics available in School No. 2026. She noted that everyone was fond of the idea. But it was not so easy to implement, so schoolgirls attended an intensive training course in robotics.

"Finally, we were able to chose methods and technical solutions to facilitate an operating model of our smart bag," Alexandra added.

Deputy Headmaster of School No. 2026 Yelena Smirnova told us that the schoolgirls had worked on the smart bag together with faculty members within the pre-specialisation training.

"We are always happy to support  initiatives. Besides, we have many partners. We invite teachers from leading universities as curators of our students' projects. Thus we improve the level of school work. It was great to watch our students growing up from dreamers to real scientists. The time is right to dream, invent and implement things," she said.

At the Moscow International Education Fair, Alexandra Rizhskaya and Tatiana Sergeyeva were awarded vouchers to attend an engineering session in the Orlyonok  Russian Children's Centre.