Two-meter long arquebus, log-based cannon and other exhibits to view in Zaryadye Park

Two-meter long arquebus, log-based cannon and other exhibits to view in Zaryadye Park
Visitors will view seven replicas of medieval small arms of the same size and weight as their historical originals.

'The Tsardom of Muscovy Fortress Artillery of the 15th-17th Centuries' exhibition opened on 21 April in Zaryadye Park. A permanent exhibition has started in the Kitai-Gorod Wall near Zaryadye Concert Hall at 2 Kitaigorodsky Proyezd. Visitors will have an opportunity to view replicas of medieval small arms with their size and weight fully consistent with their historical originals.

"Cannon models are made of wood and metal after the drawings of an artist and reenactor Vyacheslav Beloglazov, an active participant of the Times and Epochs festival. Exhibits include a 15th century arquebus based on a mount with a swivel. Its muzzle is about two meters long. Cannons with similar mechanisms were in service with Russian fortresses until 1670. Another exhibit features a 17th century log-based cannon, almost 2.5 m long. These and other arms give an idea of what the Tsardom of Muscovy fortress artillery of the 15th-17th centuries looked like," reported the Press Service of Zaryadye Park.

The exhibition has audio effects. Visitors will hear the sounds of medieval Zaryadye: conversations of locals, dogs barking, carts creaking and traders touting. Occasionally, you will hear the sounds of the Kitai-Gorod siege: military orders, artillery and rifle shots. Each exhibit has an information plate with its description, information about the military past of the Kitai-Gorod fortress, and life stories of the oldest Moscow district inhabitants dating back to the 15th-17th centuries.

The exhibition will open during the Historical and Cultural Heritage Days held in Moscow from 18 April to 31 May.

The Kitai-Gorod Wall (1534-1538) is a cultural heritage site of federal importance. It was restored in Zaryadye in the 1970s, with the last restoration works completed in 2017. The same year, the Kitai-Gorod Wall was opened for viewing. It is 154 m long and about 5 m wide.