Gazebos near the ponds and the Monuments Avenue: new look of Druzhby Park

Gazebos near the ponds and the Monuments Avenue: new look of Druzhby Park
Design concept
A large-scale improvement has been launched in Druzhby Park in the North of Moscow.  Areas under improvement have been fenced. But the Park is open for visitors as before, though it will be closed this summer. There will be only one passage open to Rechnoy Vokzal metro station and the main path through the recreation area where local residents usually walk.

In the north of Moscow, a comprehensive improvement of Druzhby Park has been launched. It is a green area where the Levoberezhny, Golovinsky and Khovrino district residents spend their free time. There are transit pedestrian routes in the park connecting these districts, as well as the path leading to Rechnoy Vokzal metro station.

The Press Service of the Moscow’s Capital Repairs Directorate reported that the Park will still be open for visitors to walk along the walkways and alleys and pass to the metro. The Park will be completely closed in summer, with the passage to Rechnoy Vokzal metro station and the main paths local residents usually use available.

"A construction camp has already been arranged in the Park. Currently, the workers have set up fences from Leningradskoye Motorway side (in the western part of the Park), on the square around the Druzhba (Friendship) Monument and along Festivalniye Prudy (Festival Ponds) (in the north-eastern part of the Park). The fences enclosing sites under improvement have special bypass signs. There are also 10 information boards with work timing reports in the Park, with an information pavilion to be installed in the near future. It will feature sections of Park improvement design, and the residents will have an opportunity to ask a representative of the Contractor on duty in the pavilion," said the Press Service of the Directorate.

Workers have already started dismantling the curbstones and removing old pavement, benches, garbage cans and park decor in areas under repair. In the north-eastern part of the area, the recreational facilities and amusement rides are being dismantled. After the improvement, they will be put back. The repair works are to cover an area over 40 ha. The Park improvement concept has been developed with local residents' requests and suggestions taken into account.

Currently, different parts of the green area host 14 monuments donated to Moscow by foreign states — India, Finland, Spain and Kyrgyzstan. For monuments to be installed here in the future, a special alley will be constructed at the citizens' request. Moreover, the grounds around the existing sculptures will be landscaped and improved as well. There will be flower beds, convenient walkways to have a closer look at the monuments. Benches, lanterns and garbage cans will also be provided.

There will be two playgrounds in the greenfield area, with one in the northern part of the Park and the other (at the request of residents) in the central part. The existing playground located in the western part will be reconstructed, its equipment will be replaced and its ground rubber-coated. Festivalniye Prudy (Festival Ponds) is a popular recreation area. Gazebos offering a beautiful view of the water will be installed along their perimeter.

The north-eastern part of Druzhby Park will have a skate park, ping-pong and workout grounds, and a sports equipment rental station. In addition, there will be a special temporary stage area to serve as a public event venue.

The Central Park Square will also be renovated. The main walkways around the Square will remain. Wave-shaped Flower River with perennial plants and a central walking path will decorate the Square.

The pavements are to be upgraded throughout the recreation area. The existing trees and shrubs will be pruned, with new ones planted and new flowerbeds made. The entire infrastructure will be adapted for people with disabilities. Some lanterns will be replaced, and some will be installed for visitors to walk through the park in the evening.

Design concept

In 2018, the east side overlooking Lavochkina Street was added to the Park. Sports grounds and playgrounds are expected to appear here, including a dog run. In addition, the visitors will enjoy a recreation area with comfortable benches and admire a 'green island' in the centre featuring a green space of shrubs and perennials. All improvement and landscaping works are to be completed this year.

Design concept

Last year, 82 green recreation areas were landscaped and improved in Moscow (in two parks -  the Lyublino Estate Park in Southeastern Administrative Area and Park Pobedy in Zelenograd Administrative Area - the work was launched in 2018 to finish in 2019). This list comprises 24 Moscow parks and natural areas, 25 community parks and 33 landmark sites such as popular boulevards, mini-parks and squares.