Easter Gift Festival: cooking from old recipes

Easter Gift Festival: cooking from old recipes
At free cooking classes, guests will learn to make Easter bread, apple pies, cranberry cross buns, Easter curd pudding, homemade marzipan sweets and other treats

Nine culinary schools will be open at the Easter Gift venues from 25 April to 5 May. You can learn here how to decorate Easter eggs and cook traditional Easter meals.

Revolyutsii Square will host the Easter Cuisine venue, where guests will bake traditional Easter bread, ginger cookies, berry cobbler and make Easter curd pudding with berries.

At the Easter Confectionery on Dmitriya Donskogo Boulevard visitors will make cherry-filled chocolate muffins, in addition to traditional Easter bread. Moreover, they will learn to dye Easter eggs using multi-coloured embroidery cotton and onion skin, and decorate eggs with powdered sugar lace.

At the Studio of Taste in Gorodetskaya Street, guests will learn recipes for colourful curd Easter pudding with jam and festive chia seeds and fruit pudding, cook Kalja from an old Russian recipe (with beef kidneys and pickles) and kissel (berry or fruit starch jelly).

Mitinskaya Street will host Easter bread School to make mushroom and meat pies, unusual Easter bread, poppy seed Easter bread, cranberry cross buns, vanilla and oatmeal cookies with berries and sesame seeds.

The Bakery Shop in Svyatoozerskaya Street will feature a real Easter Gingerbread Village; visitors will take part in baking Cruffin cake and make Easter curd pudding with sweet filling.

The Kitchen Courtyard on Orekhovy Boulevard will offer its guests to give a hand in cooking spicy pilaf with carrots and cumin, bake a meat pie, and learn the recipes of dried fruit Easter bread, banana dessert with raspberry sauce and berry, nut and honey mini cakes.

Lavka Vkusa cooking school will open in Profsoyuznaya Street. Its workshops will introduce to baking Easter bread with candied fruits, ginger and cinnamon cupcakes, make cherry dessert and homemade marzipan sweets. At the end of each class, guests are free to taste everything they have cooked.

In the pavilion kitchen on Tverskaya Square, children and adults will be taught various methods of Easter eggs dyeing and participate in festive pastry cooking. From 25 to 27 April, a professional chef will show how to cook traditional Larks spring buns. Starting from 28 April, mini Easter breads will be baked in the kitchen, and the guests will decorate them with fudge, pistachio icing or cream flowers.

In Zelenograd, a cooking school will be open each day at Yunosti Square, where you may make golden apple pies and Easter curd pudding with raisins and learn an old oatmeal recipe.

Cooking school on Tverskaya Square will hold daily classes 12:00 pm till 06:00 pm. The rest eight workshops will be open 03:00 pm till 06:45 pm on weekdays and 12:00 pm till 06:45 pm on weekends.

All festival workshops are free.


Good Deeds Holiday: The Easter Gift festival to be held at many Moscow venues

The Easter Gift Festival will be held in Moscow from 25 April to 5 May. Entertainment and charity events are scheduled at 250 venues across the city. Visitors are to enjoy the most eventful programme on Tverskaya Square, Revolyutsii Square and Tverskoi Boulevard.

Last year, the festival venues were visited by over 4.7 million people.