Oscar in the world of festivals: Times and Epochs wins a prestigious international award

Oscar in the world of festivals: Times and Epochs wins a prestigious international award
Times and Epochs festival was among finalists at Campaign Event Awards in London.

Times and Epochs, a festival of historical reenactments as a part of the Moscow Seasons events, has won the international prize of Global Eventex Awards 2019. According to Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, it was the first in the Festival category.

Another Moscow festival, Circle of Light, ranked the second in the same category. The expert jury had to review 331 applications from more than 40 countries to chose the winners.

"We are happy that the international jury distinguished two Moscow projects ― Times and Epochs and Circle of Light, different in their concepts, programmes and historical formation, but common in their high standard of performance, ongoing public interest and, naturally, location, Moscow. We are not surprised that our city has been recently named among the world's best megalopolises for festivals and public events," Natalya Sergunina noted.

According to her, a great variety of events are a characteristic feature of modern Moscow. It has been successfully hosting large-scale sports, cultural, educational and business events. Moscow hosts many festivals attracting participants and visitors from different countries, such as Journey to Christmas, Flower Jam, Moscow Spring A Cappella and others.

Established in 2009, Global Eventex Awards is considered the major prize in the field. Organisers compare it with Oscar and Emmy in the event industry. Since its emergence, projects from more than 80 countries have been submitted to this contest.

As the Times and Epochs coordinator Vasily Tartyzhov told us, Moscow had also applied to participate in Campaign Event Awards. And the Moscow festival of historic reenactments was one of the finalists.

"The festival emerged and started its activities in Kolomenskoye Park, presenting various eras each year. The Moscow Government’s support facilitated a great leap forward in our development. For the first time, the reenactors came out to the open city spaces with about 30 sites engaged. And in 2018, the festival was already known all over the world. Surprisingly, this festival is unique in its scale and level of implementation. As a rule, historical reenactments take place outside a city. It is a bright and unusual event for Moscow,'' said Vasily Tartyzhov.

He reminded that next year Times and Epochs will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Last year, 5.2 million Moscow residents and tourists visited Times and Epochs.  From 10 to 22 August, the festival was attended by more than 3,000 reenactors from 20 countries. They recreated different historical epochs on 30 sites in different Moscow districts: Antiquity, Ancient Rus, Medieval Europe, and many others.

Festival guests could both watch the reenactment process and participate in craft workshops, play ancient games, visit exhibitions and try meals cooked according to traditional recipes.

In 2019, Times and Epochs will be held from 7 to 16 June.

In 2018, 65 million people visited all the Moscow Seasons free-admission festivals. Street performances, concerts, lectures, tours and workshops are also free. In some cases, prior registration is required.

The next events in the cycle are Easter Gift (25 April ― 5 May) and Moscow Spring A Cappella (1-12 May).

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