Graffiti as an art. Street Art Festival to be held in Moscow

Graffiti as an art. Street Art Festival to be held in Moscow
The street art artists works will be free for viewing from 24 to 27 April.

The Astakhov Culture Centre is to host the first large-scale Street Art Festival from 24 to 27 April. During these days, young artists will create more than 50 artworks, paintings and installations. The facade will also be transformed into an image of the Hero of the Soviet Union, a pilot Ivan Astakhov.

The festival will also feature a special objet d'art ― a portrait of Mona Lisa made of 450 used spray-paint cans. The proceeds from its sale will go to the development of creative activity in orphanages.

"Moscow residents are welcome to visit personal exhibitions of 10 Russian most famous contemporary artists. Each guest will feel like an artist due to a possibility to paint retro cars specially brought to the festival. You may visit art-educational programmes or to come to the final gala concert with the participation of more than 30 creative teams and famous artists from all over Russia," said Dmitry Bikbaev, Art Director of the Astakhov Culture Centre.

The festival will bring together more than 100 young street art artists from different cities and countries with Alexander Militsin, Kirill Joke, Sergei Davydov and Ivan Gavrikov as supervisors.

"Promotion of arts being popular among young people, attracting public attention to new achievements in modern art, decentralisation of cultural life allows us to activate this large-scale event involving artists from different parts of the world. Such a large-scale festival will inevitably attract attention of contemporary artists and urbanists, it will enhance Moscow prestige,'' said Alexander Militsin, a festival's supervisor.

At the end of each day, the festival Steering Committee are to choose their favourite, and on 27 April they will announce and award the festival winners.

The list of artists will be published on 17 April on Astakhov Culture Centre's website. Admission is free.