Parks, public gardens and embankments as the main venues for community spring clean-up

Parks, public gardens and embankments as the main venues for community spring clean-up
Everybody is welcome to join the spring clean-up. All the necessary utensils will be provided on site. Some venues will host entertainment programs with contests and master classes.

Moscow residents are invited to join the large-scale city spring clean-up event to take place on 13 and 20 April in all the Moscow districts. It will start at 10:00 a.m. in parks, public gardens, embankments, other recreation areas and courtyards. Participants will remove last year’s fallen leaves from lawns, sweep paths, paint benches, collect garbage and plant trees.

Everyone interested can help clean the city. All you need is to come to one of the parks or public gardens on the chosen day. The necessary equipment including aprons, gloves, rakes and garbage bags will be available on site. In addition, some sites will offer an entertainment program and treats.

For example, in Sokolniki Park, people will work to the music from the loudspeakers around the park. The cleaning will start on the main avenue and finish in the big rose garden. The volunteer cleaners will help remove the wrap that protected the bushes during the winter. After all the work is done, there will be a festive tea party. Moscow residents are invited to Sokolniki on 13 April.

On the same day, Moscow residents are welcome in the public gardens near the Lyublino metro station. Here the cleaning will have the format of “Clean Games” quest. Participants will be offered to choose up sides and compete in cleaning the grounds. Those who collect the most garbage will be given prizes. In the park, everyone will also be treated to porridge and hot tea.

In Rostokinsky Aqueduct on 13 April, volunteer cleaners will help with clearing lawns and painting benches. To make the work more fun, the organizers have arranged an entertainment program with an amateur choir performance and competitions. In addition, two field kitchens will be available for guests.

On 20 April, apart from cleaning the grounds, everybody will be able to take part in the tree planting event in the Apothecary Garden (Lomonosov Moscow State University Botanical Garden). The spring clean-up program will include tours around the Apothecary Garden, an orienteering master-class, and “Collect a Proverb” quest for the youngest guests.

On 20 April, the Museon Arts Park visitors will have the opportunity to join the traditional monument wash-up. Volunteers will wash bronze monuments to Academician Sakharov and Maxim Gorky, Shoes and Return of the Prodigal Son sculptures, Winged Inspiration Angel and Lenin in a String Bag stone monuments to the music. After cleaning, everyone will be offered tea.

The spring clean-up tradition will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. The first event of this kind was held in Moscow in April 1919 at the Moskva-Sortirovochnaya station of the Kazan Railway with only 15 volunteers. Last year, more than three million people participated in the city spring clean-up.

This year, the month of urban cleaning and landscaping is held in Moscow 1 to 30 April. Mass spring clean-up is scheduled for 13 and 20 April. In particular, city parks will have a big clean-up on 20 April. The sites to be cleaned include the Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve, Perovsky Park and Park Pobedy (Victory Park) on Poklonnaya Gora. School, college and university students, employees of enterprises and everyone who wants their city to be clean and well-kept are invited to join.

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