Sergei Sobyanin: The Park of Legends in the territory of the former ZIL industrial zone to become one of the most important Moscow sports clusters

Sergei Sobyanin: The Park of Legends in the territory of the former ZIL industrial zone to become one of the most important Moscow sports clusters
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
The Park of Legends now comprises three major sports facilities: Water Sports Centre, Ice Palace and Ice Hockey Museum.

A meeting of the Presidential Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports was held in the Park of Legends Sports and Entertainment Centre. Before it started, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin told Vladimir Putin about the sports infrastructure in Moscow, in particular, about the construction of the Swimming Pool Centre in the Park of Legends.

"Upon your order of 2016, the Olympic Synchronised Swimming Centre we are in now has been constructed. This is the territory of the Park of Legends, where we held the World Hockey Championship. Presently, the first stage of the Water Sports Centre has been commissioned, the second stage is underway. I believe that this year or early next year, we will complete the second stage and put into operation two 50m swimming pools," Sergei Sobyanin said.

The Park of Legends comprises three major sports facilities: Water Sports Centre, Ice Palace and Hockey Museum.

"There are other major sports centres in Moscow in beyond this cluster - the Krylatskoye Olympic Sports Training Centre, Rowing Channel and a number of other sports facilities. In Luzhniki Sports Complex, apart from the main stadium, six major world-class sports facilities are being built now. Vorobyovy Gory is a Moscow sports cluster, where several world-class sports facilities are also being constructed. I expect VTB Arena to be commissioned this year. It features two gyms, hockey and football stadiums. The Bitsa Equestrian Centre is also under major reconstruction now," Moscow Mayor reported.

Water Sports Centre

The Water Sports Centre is a five-storey building with an area of 28,500 sq m. It consists of two functional assemblies: The Anastasiya Davydova Olympic Synchronised Swimming Centre, opened in 2016, and the Swimming Pool Centre expected to be commissioned in the second half of 2019.

The Olympic Synchronised Swimming Centre covers 15,000 sq m. It has a gym, a dry swimming gym, two choreography gyms, a competition pool with stands for 450 seats and a training pool for synchronised swimming. The water surface size of each pool is 25 x 30 m, 3 m deep. In addition, the facility offers 22 rooms for 44 athletes, medical, administrative, amenity and utility facilities, canteens and cafes.

The Centre houses the Yunost Moskvy (Moscow Youth) Synchronised Swimming Olympic Reserve Sports School. It is headed by five-time Olympic champion Anastasiya Davydova. 10 school coaches, (two of them have been awarded an honorary title Honoured Coach of Russia), train high-class athletes for Moscow and Russia teams. The school accounts for 116 trainees. Training classes are held both on a budgetary and extra-budgetary basis.

From 19 to 22 December 2018, the Synchronised Swimming Centre hosted the Moscow championship among young people aged 13 to 15. It was attended by 430 people. From 5 to 7 April, the Moscow championship is to hold here, from 30 April to 2 May - the Moscow competition among girls and boys aged 7 to 13, and from 17 to 20 December 2019 - the Moscow competition among girls and boys aged 13 to 15.

The Swimming Pool Centre will feature  indoor swimming pool (50 by 22m, depth - 2m), an outdoor swimming pool with a water sports area, a multipurpose gym (35 by 25m), a Spa Centre, a cafeteria and two phytobars. In situ concrete and facade works have already been completed, and the heat insulation of building constructions has been carried out. Soon the workers will start finishing works and MEP systems' installation.

Ice Palace

The Ice Palace, opened in April 2015, is the best hockey stadium in Russia and one of the best stadiums in the world. The Palace's area is 70,000 sq m. It comprises three ice arenas: big, small and training ones.

The main technological feature of the big arena is a seamless led media cube reflecting images at an angle of 180 to 360 degrees. It creates the effect of a solid continuous surface and a circular HD image. The cube area is 107 sq m, with 5 by 6m screen size. Along the site perimeter there is a led banner that features a ticker bar.

The building has 10 locker rooms for athletes (one of them offers a recovery area), lounge areas, a warm-up room with fitness equipment, a workshop for skates sharpening and sport outfit repair, as well as a coachers' lounge and a medical facility.

The Ice Palace front has a 900 sq m media screen installed.  It broadcasts matches that fans can watch in the fan zone.

In 2016, the Sports Centre hosted the Ice Hockey World Championship. Now it serves as a domestic arena of the CSKA Ice Hockey Club. The team performs in the Kontinental Hockey League.

Ice Hockey Museum

Initiated by the Hockey Legends Club, the Ice Hockey Museum was established in the Park of Legends in 2016. It is located in an architectural landmark, building of the early 20th century. The project is implemented with the support of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation aiming to preserve cultural and historical heritage of the USSR and Russia, promote younger generation's patriotic education and involvement in sports activities.

The Museum houses the Russian Hockey Hall of Fame with exhibits related to the activities of 147 famous Soviet and Russian hockey players, coaches, functionaries, judges and journalists, including an interactive exhibition that offers information about honoured hockey-related figures. Official ceremonies for the admission of new members to the Hall of Fame and other official events have been held here.

In addition, there is a permanent 'Red Machine. Pages of History' and 'My Hockey Life' exhibition, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the honoured coach of the USSR Igor Tuzik, and  'Anatoly Tarasov. A Hundred Years' exhibition, dedicated to the anniversary of the legendary coach.