Moscow museums to have free admission every third week

Moscow museums to have free admission every third week
Currently, free admission to Moscow Museums is every third Sunday of the month. This is not very convenient for visitors who haven’t got time to go to several sites in one day. A new Moscow Museum Week programme will be launched in April. Moscow residents and guests will be able to pre-arrange their cultural leisure to visit all the exhibitions and displays during seven days free of charge.

Museums and exhibition halls subordinated to the Moscow Department of Culture will offer free admission every third week of the month, one museum on one day of the week. For example, you can visit four city museums on Friday, and 21 museums on Sunday free of charge.

Currently, one can visit museums and exhibition halls for free every third Sunday of the month. However, it is not very convenient for those visitors who haven’t got time to go to several sites in one day. That is the format of this special offer will be changed.

Moscow Museum Week campaign will start this April. More than 40 institutions will join in, including Museum of Moscow, Darwin Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Cosmonautics and others. The first special week will be 15 to 21 April. Moscow residents and guests will have the opportunity to visit most interesting and insightful exhibitions for free," Moscow Government Minister, Head of the Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky reported. 

To visit an exhibition, no pre-registration or any documents are required. Get your free ticket at the box office. Museums and exhibition halls will be open as usual.

The schedule of Moscow Museum Week will not change during the whole year. Follow the announcements on the Mosgortur Agency website. 

"Every third Sunday of the month when free tickets were offered, museums were visited by around 85,000 people, and in 2018 - by more than a million people. The campaign was very popular, but the flow of people often caused queues at the entrance and prevented viewing the exhibition. In addition, it is difficult to visit several cultural sites in one day. The new project will redistribute the flow of visitors and make planning cultural activities easier," Director General of Mosgortur Agency Vasily Ovchinnikov said.

Over 80 cultural sites will be available to Moscow residents and guests.

List of museums and their branches participating in the campaign

In September 2017, the Museums for Children project was launched in Moscow ― schoolchildren can attend city's exhibition halls and museums free of charge all year round, both individually and together with their classmates. To do this, they need to tap their School Student Identification Card or Moskvyonok Card to the reader at the ticket office and get a free ticket.

Since its launch, more than 400,000 school students have participated in the project. The Darwin Museum, Kolomenskoye, Lyublino and Izmailovo Museum Reserves, as well as the Museum of Cosmonautics are among the most visited. Last summer, admission to Moscow museums was also free for children coming from different regions of Russia. 

In February 2018, the Educational Day in the Museum programme was launched. Lessons are held in the Museum of Cosmonautics, the Kuskovo Museum Estate, the Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve, the Darwin Museum, the State Museum of the Defence of Moscow, Moscow State Integrated Museum Reserve and Alexander Pushkin State Museum.  These institutions organise classes in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Foreign Language, History, Fine Arts, Geography, Biology, Literature, Russian Language, and Technology. Lessons are centred around the field of the hosting Museum.