Botkin Hospital professionals prevented a heart transplant patient from vision loss

Botkin Hospital professionals prevented a heart transplant patient from vision loss
A special treatment has been developed during a case conference

Botkin Hospital professionals have done a surgery on a transplant heart patient to reduce intraocular pressure. The doctors have managed to prevent a man with a dangerous disease from vision loss.

The patient visited the hospital’s ophthalmology clinic with complaints about vision loss, sense of heaviness in the eye, narrowing of the vision width and headache. After examination, he was diagnosed with non-compensated Stage III glaucoma.  Experts note that in case of Stage IV glaucoma, sight can hardly be recovered.

"This disease is characterised by high intraocular pressure, which accelerates the process of mechanical retina and optic nerve crushing resulting in irreversible blindness," Andrey Lapochkin, the patient's physician, the clinic's ophthalmic surgeon explained.

Modaern eye drops to reduce eye pressure were of no use, as they had no effect. The doctors decided to do an urgent surgery. However, the situation was complicated by the fact that the patient had previously undergone a heart transplant. Serious factors as donor organ and glaucoma combined are a very rare case, so the doctors had a case conference. The Botkin Hospital's therapists, cardiologists, intensive care anaesthesiologists and intensivists met to find a solution. 

Doctors developed a special technique: they used the patient's own tissues to make a special valve and reduce intraocular pressure. The operation lasted about an hour and was successful - patient's sight was restored. Currently, the patient feels well, he is under the ophthalmologist's out-patient observation.

The Botkin City Clinical Hospital is the major multi-discipline medical institution of Moscow. In 2019, it will house the Moscow Ophthalmology Centre offering medical assistance of surgeons, neurosurgeons, urologists, gynaecologists, neurologists, cardiologists, traumatologists and other professionals. It will provide a comprehensive approach to patients, with multi-discipline surgeries performed in one clinic.

The new centre will have a 24-hour Emergency Department, to provide assistance in cases of emergency such as injuries, burns, eye scratches, sudden loss of vision, acute pain.

A specialised ophthalmology clinic that boasts up-to-date diagnostic complex will open in the centre. It will comprise a radiology and therapy room, a laser and physiotherapy department. Moscow residents will have a possibility to receive pre-arranged outpatient assistance, provided they have an appointment card issued by a district clinic. In addition, medical care will be provided at the Ophthalmology Department, which offers beds, day patient department and short-term hospital stay for its patients.