Ninja show and cosplay: Japanese culture festival to be held at VDNKh

Ninja show and cosplay: Japanese culture festival to be held at VDNKh
Visitors will enjoy performances by famous Japanese artists, taste national dishes and learn how to play unique wadaiko drums.

On 30 and 31 March, VDNKh will host the annual festival of Japanese culture in Russia, Hinode Power Japan

Visitors will learn about the customs of the Land of the Rising Sun, listen to modern Japanese music, watch athletic performances, learn about new video games and recall anime characters.

The programme includes a national selection from the World Cosplay Summit, performances, lively shows and workshops. Chefs from the best restaurants in Moscow and Japan will surprise the guests with culinary masterpieces over two days.


The popular Japanese drumming band Gyouten will be the festival’s headliner, which will present a new programme. Their performances combine traditional music and elements of modern performance. The musicians will also conduct a workshop on playing the unique Japanese wadaiko drums.

Shinobu Kawashima will play the shamisen (three-string plucking musical instrument). Hiroe Morikawa (Japanese tweeted instrument koto musician) will acquaint the audience with Ozashiki Asobi — traditional Japanese gatherings where people interact with geishas and play board games.


An enchanting cosplayer show, to be held as part of the World Cosplay Summit national selection, is expected to be one of the most amazing events. Hundreds of participants in the costumes and makeup of anime characters will compete for prizes. The winners will receive the right to defend the country’s honour at the World Cosplay Summit in the Japanese city of Nagoya.

Painting and animation

Yoichi Wakui, an artist who works in the Japanese monochrome painting technique sumi-e, will be at the festival for the first time. He will create a large 1.5 metre wide and 2 metre long picture, and he will teach everyone to paint with ink at his workshops.

Fans of Japanese animation will enjoy several surprises. Illustrator Kuchu Yosei will show how anime Island characters were created. Also, visitors will see the first episodes of the series about time puzzles and events on the island of Urashima.

Sports and entertainment

The creator of a unique practice that combines yoga, Pilates and ballet, Chitose Sasaki, will hold a workshop for anyone interested. Also, national martial arts shows (kendo, sumo and others) will be held at a special site. Karate fighters from the Moscow Martial Arts Federation will also demonstrate their mastery.

The Twins Dragon will present a stage show with acrobatic stunts. The audience will watch the techniques of Japanese martial arts using katana, pole, nunchucks and other weapons. The artists will also hold a workshop on arrow throwing.

Also, people will enjoy an outstanding juggling performance by kendama duo Zoomadanke, as well as a mini kendama match (a ball attached to a stick) between masters from Japan and Russia, and a themed workshop.

A separate large area at the festival will be devoted to video games. Visitors will be able to buy Japanese clothes, products, equipment and much more.


The gastronomic traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun will be available at the food court. For the first time, visitors will be able to taste the popular dish of Japanese holidays and festivals (matsuri) — fried yakisoba noodles, as well as traditional Japanese wagashi sweets.

The festival is being held in Moscow for the eighth time. Last year more than 25,000 people visited the event.