Jazz, military fashion and selfies with commanders: Defenders festival at the Russia is My History park

Jazz, military fashion and selfies with commanders: Defenders festival at the Russia is My History park
Exhibition, concert, guided tours and masses more.

The Defenders festival will take place in Moscow’s Russia is My History park on 23 and 24 February. The major festival is dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day. The event will include the Heroes of Russia exhibition, a concert, a workshop and themed guided tours, and people will get a chance to get acquainted with military fashion trends. Those under 18 will not be charged if they want to visit multimedia exhibitions.

All you need to know about heroes 

The Heroes of Russia photo exhibition will feature unusual images of contemporary defenders. The concept was developed by lifestyle photographers Danil Golovkin and Olga Tuponogova-Volkova. The idea was to reveal what modern day real heroes look like. The event is dedicated to the people who rescued not only their comrades-in-arms but also civilians. Many of these people had to change their lives due to being so badly wounded, but this did not weaken their attitude to live and they became an inspiration for everybody.

At the themed photo zone people will be able to compile 3-D photo stories with such famous names as Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Suvorov, Georgy Zhukov or Sergei Shoigu. This particular area will be equipped with 15 professional cameras and proper lighting equipment. Volunteers will be able to photograph anyone who is interested as of 1 pm on 23 February.

Music, lectures and guided tours 

On 24 February there will be a concert of jazz, classical music and also R&B. The performance will be given by Liliya Krasnova, the Fortuna Brass Band and hip-hop performer Alexandra who are all international prize winners. The event will begin at 3 pm and continue until 4.30 pm.

People will get a unique opportunity to acquaint  themselves with facts about the great victories of the Rurik dynasty if they join the S.S.S.R. guided tour (Seven Courageous Centuries of Rus) and the  Foxhole Prêt-à-Porter: Soldiers’ Everyday Life reenactment lecture which includes a section dedicated to military fashion trends, Great Patriotic War Uniforms. Great Patriotic Military Hardware will be a workshop for youngsters on how to make paper models.