Museum of Cosmonautics opens Andrew McConnell photo exhibition

Museum of Cosmonautics opens Andrew McConnell photo exhibition
Photo by Andrew McConnell
Works by a World Press Photo two-time winner will be on display in Russia for the first time ever.

An exhibition of work by World Press Photo two-time winner, Irish photographer Andrew McConnell, will open at the The Museum of Cosmonautics on 28 February. The show, entitled The Return, will be the first in Russia to exhibit McConnell’s photographs.

The exhibited images will show the landing and meeting of International Space Station crews in Kazakhstan.

“I was struck by this land, where a centuries-old lifestyle met with high technology. The Kazakhs living in the steppe managed to preserve their traditions, despite the inevitable penetration of modernity into their lives. There is no doubt that the uniqueness of the Kazakh land consists in the unification of two worlds that coexist in harmony,” said the photographer.

Andrew McConnell is well-known all over the world. He developed an interest in the problem of electronic waste dumping in Ghana, covered the Syrian refugee crisis and depicted the life of surfers in the Gaza Strip.

Andrew McConnell won two 1st place prizes at the World Press Photo Awards, four National Press Photographers Association awards and two Sony World Photography Awards. He was also awarded the Luis Valtueña Humanitarian Photography Award for covering the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The exhibition is open until 31 March.