Comfortable city: how social, sports and cultural infrastructure is being developed in Moscow

Comfortable city: how social, sports and cultural infrastructure is being developed in Moscow
Last year Moscow opened its first cable car system, a clinical diagnostic building in Skolkovo, Zaryadye Concert Hall and the renovated Dinamo Stadium. Luzhniki Stadium has been improved, Dream Island amusement park in Nagatinskaya Poima (floodplain) and the Park of the Future at VDNKh are currently underway.

Moscow continues building its social, sports and cultural infrastructure. Much attention is being paid to upgrading kindergartens and schools, medical institutions and parks, renovating existing sports complexes and construction of new facilities for public sports. Sergei Sobyanin reported on all this at a meeting of the Moscow Urban Development and Construction Complex held to hear progress reports and action plans for the next few years.‚Äč

The world’s most comfortable social infrastructure

Last year Moscow opened 64 community facilities: 21 child care centres, nine schools, six cultural facilities, 11 medical institutions and 17 sport centres. Thirty-one projects were financed by investors.

The Moscow Mayor remarked that 2018 could be called the year of medicine.

“A unique clinic at the Morozovskaya Hospital for Children, the Hadassah Medical Centre at the Moscow International Medical Cluster and dozens of smaller medical facilities, including outpatient clinics, which are necessary and very important for city residents, have been opened in Moscow,” noted Sobyanin.

The clinical diagnostic building at Skolkovo International Medical Cluster, with 13,000 square metres in area, is a most important healthcare facility. Patients can undergo state-of-the-art diagnostic check-ups for disease prevention and early detection. Specifically, the clinic will offer comprehensive or cancer screening as well as diagnostic exams for cardio-vascular system, gastrointestinal tract and check-ups for other organs and systems. Diagnostics are carried out with consideration for a patient’s individual needs and condition.

Another major medical facility is the new modern clinical complex with a maternity home of 150,000 square metres in Kommunarka. This will be one of the best medical centres not only in Moscow but in all of Russia. All in all, 124 healthcare facilities will have been built between 2011 and 2021.

French medical centre and Korean clinic: Skolkovo's future facilities

The city is also focusing on general education. The Letovo international boarding school with a capacity for 1,012 students and a school for 2,100 students in Nekrasovka have been opened. The largest school in Russia with the Kvantorium Technopark for 2,500 students is under construction in the former ZIL industrial area. The school will be completed this year.

Plans are afoot to build 60 new community facilities in 2019: 17 childcare centres, nine schools, four cultural facilities, 12 medical institutions and 18 sport centres.

Moscow’s infrastructural efforts have been appreciated at an international level. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) rated Moscow as the city with the most convenient social infrastructure in the world. Kindergartens, schools and other community facilities are within walking distance of residential areas, and city residents enjoy a variety of social services.

Dinamo, Luzhniki and cable cars

Moscow has launched 106 sports facilities in recent years. “The huge Dinamo Stadium was opened last year,” Sergei Sobyanin recalled.

The first cable car system in Moscow from the Luzhniki Sports Complex to Vorobyovy Gory opened last November. It is about 700 meters long and can carry 1,600 passengers an hour.

A sports and fitness complex, including swimming pools with the total area of 3,500 square metres, has been built at the Rowing Canal. The centre can be used by 120 people at a time.

Sites for public sports are also given a lot of attention. Construction of a multipurpose sports complex in the town of Severny is ongoing. “A sports centre in Nekrasovka has been designed at the request of local residents and we are now beginning the project. Vorobyovy Gory sports cluster will be further developed,” said Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction. He added that construction of 26 new swimming pools are contemplated in different city districts.

Sergei Sobyanin opens first cable car in Moscow

Russia’s main sports centre

The development of Luzhniki Olympic Sports Complex has not stopped. “These unique facilities were tested by the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Most of the important games were played at Luzhniki,” said Sergei Sobyanin, emphasizing that all of the stadium’s systems worked without fail.

Currently, construction is underway at 13 Olympic complex facilities: a multipurpose swimming centre with three swimming pools, an aquatics complex and a children’s centre, a rhythmic gymnastics centre with a capacity of 4,000-people, the Crystal Ice Palace, a tennis centre, a boxing and sambo competitions centre, as well as five public catering pavilions and a sports and fitness centre. In addition, Druzhba universal sports hall and a service centre for street sports are being renovated.

According to Sergei Sobyanin, 2018 could also be called the year of culture because the Zaryadye Concert Hall was opened in Moscow last year.

“This concert hall is remarkable for its acoustics. Many world stars who come here for concerts say it is the best hall they have ever performed in,” stressed the Mayor.

Zaryadye makes the MIPIM Awards shortlist

The entertainment business will grow in Moscow in the years to come. Marat Khusnullin said Dream Island amusement park– a milestone facility scheduled to open this year – will offer an indoor theme park, a landscape park, a movie theatre with 17 screens, a concert hall for 3,800 people, a hotel and a children’s yachting school. The embankment will also be renovated there.

And VDNKh will get the Park of the Future. This year-round amusement park will function in the southern section of the park. The first stage of works is to be completed this year.