Volunteer centre, senate and editorial board: students on the first social university

Volunteer centre, senate and editorial board: students on the first social university
How the best volunteers are educated, what the student senate is doing and how the university’s editorial board works: a tour of the Russian State Social University.

Some universities specialise in technical subjects, some in arts or sports. And there are universities where students are taught to help everybody with everything. Russian State Social University (RSSU) is known as a place where students learn communication skills, engage in volunteering, write scripts for city events and know everything about inclusive society. The First Student Agency visited RSSU as part of the Univer.cam project.

Volunteer centre for world-level events

If the volunteering spirit is taught anywhere at all, it is at RSSU. Its volunteer centre is one of the largest and most active in Russia. RSSU volunteers worked at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, 2014 Sochi Paralympics, in the Manezh during the presidential address to the Federal Assembly and at the Moscow Open International RSSU Chess Cup.

The Moscow Open is held at the university every year. The contest is one of the stages of the Russian Chess Cup. RSSU volunteers have been assisting in the organisation of the event for several years. Whether by coincidence or not, one of the strongest grand masters Sergei Karyakin studied at RSSU.

Youth centre: from senate to editorial board

An entire building has been set aside for the students’ creative activities and has been dubbed a Youth Centre. It also accommodates the Student Council – RSSU Senate. It won the Best Student Self-Government Body prize three times in a row.

The editorial board monitors everything that happens in the university. It works in an adjacent room, where reporters keep their photography equipment in several trunks. They were the first to learn that Muscovite Boris Savchenko won the Moscow Open 2019.

The university was established in 1978. Its motto is Professionalism, Responsibility and Prestige. RSSU has been living up to this all these years despite changes in its name and status. As a result, it has the European Quality golden medal and a rating among Russia’s top universities.

The story has been written by the First Student Agency’s correspondent.