Ocean inhabitants and 5D effects: Trip Around the World at Moskvarium

Ocean inhabitants and 5D effects: Trip Around the World at Moskvarium
A new water show including killer whales, belugas, dolphins and walruses will take place between 9 February and 12 May.

Trip Around the World is taking place at VDNKh’s Moskvarium oceanography centre. The new show that will be on from 9 February until 12 May will include killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, belugas and walruses. The performers will be accompanied by a documentary film about the world oceans. Audiences will get a chance to watch rare footage about the life of sea creatures and gain new knowledge in this field.

The show is not only educational but entertaining as well and thoroughly family friendly. Nowhere else in the world is such an event being shown and the idea is based on a trip around-the-world in a submersible. The crew explores the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic oceans. They reveal mysteries of the undersea world and meet sea creatures.

What to expect

The shows will include performances by a family of dolphins, singing by Ponchik the beluga, dancing by sea lions Rokki, Luna and Suri. Athletic walruses Yeva, Lora and Klava will also make their appearances, followed by strong killer whales Narnia, Nord and Naya.

The event features 5D effects, such as air bubbles, ocean aromas, snowfall, northern sea fog, gusts of wind and also storms. More than 50 items of equipment will be installed in the hall. The ‘stage’ measuring 770 sq m is created out of some of the materials which have been used for filming Hollywood blockbusters.

Directors point out that this sort of show is not only entertaining but educational too. People will get a chance to find out what colour belugas are when they are born, how sea lions hunt, how fast dolphins are, why walruses do not get cold and who the leader is in the killer whale family. The event plunges people into a world of facts and at the same time can be considered emotional. It’s also a reminder that we should be careful with nature and helps us to understand the uniqueness of the undersea universe.

“Trip Around the World was the first show created by the Moskvarium team back in 2015. More than 650 professionals from around the world participated in the production, including stage designers, directors, technicians, oceanographers and animal trainers. The performance is included in Moskvarium’s golden collection of water performances.

The event will be on at VDNKh, Pavilion 23, at noon, 3 pm and 6 pm. A detailed schedule and tickets are available on the Moskvarium official website.