Moscow opens its first wildlife sanctuary

Moscow opens its first wildlife sanctuary
The wildlife sanctuary is located in Brateyevskaya Poima (floodplain).

Another protected area – the Brateyevskaya Poima Wildlife Sanctuary – has opened in Moscow.

The city has never had sanctuaries of this kind before. They are established in the habitats of rare, endangered or vulnerable animal species. Brateyevskaya Poima boasts a large variety of birds – 174 species, which is unique for Moscow.

Local conditions best suit the many birds that live in marshlands, large water bodies, meadows and forests. The floodplain is home to pochards, tufted ducks, garganeys, pintails, northern shovelers, moorhens, black-headed gulls and many others. This area also attracts birds during their nomadic and seasonal migrations as well as in winter.

As for the animals inhabiting the floodplain, 63 species are listed in the Red Data Book of Moscow.

The new wildlife sanctuary is the 122nd protected area in Moscow. The city has one national park (Losiny Ostrov), one botanical garden, 10 natural and historical parks, four nature sanctuaries, five landscape sanctuaries and 100 natural landmarks. Together they cover about 17,000 hectares.