Cameron Carpenter performs in Moscow

Cameron Carpenter performs in Moscow
The American organist will perform classical works, contemporary compositions as well as jazz and soul improvisation at the Zaryadye Concert Hall.

On 15 April well known organist Cameron Carpenter will perform at the Zaryadye Park Concert Hall in Moscow. Tickets for the event will be available soon.

Cameron’s repertoire includes classical organ compositions and contemporary works. He also plays renditions of works such as Mephisto Waltzes by Liszt, Skazki (Fairy Tales) by Medtner and Chopin etudes, all of which are traditionally performed on the piano. The organist is known for folk, jazz, soul, disco and pop improvisation.

Carpenter plays on a unique musical instrument. It’s an electric organ which he designed himself and it’s one of its kind in the world. It consists of six-keyboards (five for the hands, one for the feet) together with a 52-channel speaker system suitable for any room. It also has a control panel. What the audience hears is digital recordings of sounds of more than two dozen real organs from around the world, selected by the musician himself. The instrument will be brought to Moscow in a huge crate.

Cameron Carpenter is an American organist and composer, known for his technique and orchestral arrangements for organ. He is the first and so far the only organist in the world whose solo album has been nominated for a Grammy. The album, Revolutionary, includes a rendition of Chopin’s Revolutionary Etudes together with other works. In 2012, the musician received the Leonard Bernstein Award at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.