Emergency situations: Every minute is precious

Emergency situations: Every minute is precious
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
A lightweight syringe driver has been developed at the Moskva (Moscow) Technology Park which weighs only 300 g. Medical workers always carry such devices with them when they are called out on an emergency and the ones they used up to now weighed anything from 1.8 kg to 3 kg.

The special economic zone (SEZ) Moskva Technology Park is responsible for inventing these light syringe drivers which can quickly be used to inject the appropriate amount of medicine in an ambulance or in crowded public places before the person concerned has to be rushed to hospital. This new device has already been patented plus state registered and as of now is coming off the production line.

These automatic syringe drivers administer medicine at set intervals. Normally these sorts of syringes would be used for IV anesthesia or CPR.

Weighing just 300 g these light syringe drivers are not as heavy as many others which weigh 2 to 3 kg (formerly the lightest one weighed about 1.8 kg). It’s twice as small as any similar devices as it is only 17 cm long, about 9 cm high and only 3 cm wide. The plus point is it’s portable while other automatic syringe devices are really only suitable to be used in hospitals.


“The job of ambulance workers is often out of doors and they should always carry first aid kits with them. The weight, size and speed of switching on a device may become critical when it comes to trying to save the life of someone. We have developed a syringe driver which is not inferior to similar products in terms of workability because it’s not only light and small but can inject medicine fast and efficiently .The most important thing is it’s not as expensive as other similar devices,” said Garegin Mamdzhan, head of the device designer company located at the Moskva Technology Park.

Needless to mention such syringe drivers might just come in handy at the city ambulance stations.

Innovations factory

Moskva Technology Park includes five venues, four of which are located in Zelenograd and one in Pechatniki. The SEZ encompasses several hi-tech industries: microelectronics, optics, robotic engineering, medtech and medical devices. New composite materials are also produced there and some companies are engaged in the development of information, communications, energy-efficient and nanotechnology. Orthopedic footwear is also produced there.

“Development of high-tech production facilities is a must when it comes to the city’s industrial policy. We’re trying to create comfortable conditions for those companies which are ready to invest in their own development and create new technology. The Moskva Technology Park offers plots where companies can build their own facilities. If companies prefer they can move into ready-built premises complete with all necessary infrastructure. Hi-tech companies are granted certain tax breaks enabling a cut of almost 47 percent. Currently, the SEZ accommodates over 50 residents,” noted Alexander Prokhorov, head of the Investment and Industrial Policy Department.

SEZ residents can take advantage of favourable tax breaks when it comes to property, ground and transport tax and also only need to start paying dues when they take in the first profits. The Moskva Technology Park is also a duty free zone. Funds saved on not paying tax can be invested in production development such as buying equipment, adopting innovative technology and trying to find a place on the international market.


City high-tech: Transport, medicine plus aviation systems

34 technology parks are functioning at the moment and three major investment projects are being implemented in Moscow. Their residents are developing and using state-of-the-art technology in a variety of fields including inventing vehicles of the future to manufacturing footwear.

For instance, companies participating in one of the three major investment projects – Caliber – produce driverless cars and buses. Caliber has created a 400 m long test course with bus stops and zebra crossings. A new turbojet engine for UAVs was designed there. After the completion of all the tests it’s expected to become one of the best engines for UAVs having a 50 kg thrust. Mosmedpark which was opened on the basis of Strogino Technology Park is the place where an innovative blood clotting powder has been developed. It takes just three minutes to stop heavy and even potentially fatal bleeding.

Moscow has adopted a comprehensive support system for technology parks and their residents. It includes favourable income tax rates and ground and property tax breaks as well as lower land rent. The system reduces the tax burden on businesses and investors by up to 25 percent compared to the average level. Technology park operators may also receive low interest loans of up to 50 million roubles at two-percent for up to five years. The 7.75 percent interest rate is paid on loans of up to 300 million a year, including for construction and assembly work, upgrading, repairs and technical retooling. Moscow technology parks are controlled by the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.