Moscow Zoo prepares special feedings for Valentine's Day

Moscow Zoo prepares special feedings for Valentine's Day
On Valentine's Day, visitors to the Moscow Zoo will see Asian elephants relishing heart-shaped cookies, polar bears enjoying ice lollies and monkeys eating fresh strawberries. Zookeepers will give the treats to animals from 9.30 am to 3 pm.

For the first time this winter, guests of the Moscow Zoo will be able to watch feedings. The public feedings will take place on Valentine's Day.

Each animal has its own feeding schedule and diet based on its individual preferences and needs. Regular feedings are normally conducted early in the morning, before the Zoo opens, and in the evening, when visitors are leaving. On Valentine's Day, Zoo employees will also offer animals holiday treats from 9.30 am to 3 pm.

“This year, we have prepared special food enriched with vitamins for our Zoo residents. The animals will get their favourite food prepared with due account for their taste preferences. Polar bears will enjoy ice lollies with apples, pears and berries; elephants will receive heart-shaped almond cookies; and Bornean orangutans and lion-tailed macaques will have a romantic breakfast with fresh strawberries. Our zookeepers will tell visitors about the animals’ characteristics, their way of life, natural habitat, personality and, of course, food preferences,” said Moscow Zoo General Director Svetlana Akulova.

The Zoo has prepared a special gift for couples who got married on 14 February. They can come to the Zoo free of charge. All they need to do is show their marriage certificate or passports at the ticket office and get the tickets.

Holiday feeding schedule:

9.30 am: lion-tailed macaques (Monkey House pavilion, new section);

10 am: Bornean orangutans (Monkey House pavilion, new section);

11 am: East Siberian lynx (cats row, old section) and the Asian elephant Pamir (elephant enclosure, old section);

11.30 am: polar bears (Polar World, new section);

12 pm: carcajou (Polar World, new section);

2 pm: Asiatic lions (Animal Island, new section) and jackals (Animal Island, new section);

3 pm: the Asian elephants Philemon, Cypris and Pipita (elephant enclosure, old section).

Libraries and cultural centres have also organised special events for 14 February. They will hold free music concerts, dancing master classes, lectures and a speed-dating night. In total, more than 50 events are on the holiday programme.

Valentine's Day has been gaining popularity in Russia since the early 1990s. This date is often chosen for marriage. In the past five years alone, almost 3,000 couples got married on this day in Moscow. Almost 300 couples are planning to tie the knot on 14 February this year.