Fourfold growth: City car sharing

Fourfold growth: City car sharing
The fleet of car sharing services in Moscow has mushroomed to 17,000 vehicles and will further increase to some 20,000 by the end of the year.

People in Moscow used car sharing services some 2.7 million times in January 2019 alone. This is nearly four times more than in January last year, when the vehicles of car sharing services were used only 700,000 times.

“The popularity of car sharing is growing thanks to an increase in the number of cars to share, flexible rates and new services. People can share nearly 17,000 cars now, and the pool will further increase to some 20,000 by the end of this year,” Deputy Mayor and Head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov said.

Car sharing in Moscow is a by-the-minute car rental system mostly used for short trips around the city. The Moscow Car Sharing project was launched in early autumn 2015.

Operators charge between 6 and 10 roubles per minute, though overall prices vary depending on the company. Shared cars get free parking. There are 14 car sharing companies in Moscow.

Those who want to rent a car should first of all register on the operator’s website. After that, passport, driving licence and bank card or mobile app details should be given and a contract should be signed.

Payment is automatically deducted from the card linked to the user account, which the client uses to rent a car. The user will have time to reach the area where the car is parked and use the mobile app to unlock it. The documents will be inside, and the key already in the ignition. It is always advisable to thoroughly inspect the car before driving off just in case there’s something not quite right with the vehicle.

Car sharing is an additional service supporting the traditional urban transit systems and a marvellous alternative to using private cars.