Moscow companies showcase robots, all-seeing cameras and unique prosthetic devices at a technology expo in Dubai

Moscow companies showcase robots, all-seeing cameras and unique prosthetic devices at a technology expo in Dubai
The Russian capital was represented at Arab Health 2019 exhibition by companies involved in the Made in Moscow programme. To bring them to the event, Moscow took care of their registration fees, as well as the costs related to setting up stands and renting expo space.

One of the largest international healthcare techno fairs, Arab Health 2019, is winding down in Dubai. This was the first event in this this year attended by Moscow-based companies through the Made in Moscow exports promotion programme.

The various manufacturers united under a common brand, Made in Moscow, showed more than 30 state-of-the-art creations, including hardware and software technology, diagnostics equipment, as well as projects at the confluence of medicine and robotics. Read this article to find out more.

Vacuum device for healing wounds

Vacuum therapy is becoming increasingly more popular across the world for accelerating wound healing processes. However, the devices that are currently available on the market have a number of shortcomings. For example, they lack the ability to deliver medicine to a wound automatically.

Vit-Medical is a unique Russian-made device for vacuum instillation therapy created using all the latest technologies. It makes the healing of a wound three or four times faster for half of the price of similar foreign-made solutions

Here is how it works: a special bandage is applied to the wound that is connected to the device with drain tubes. One is used for purulent drainage and the other delivers the medicine. This approach helps a patient’s wound heal much faster.

Vit-Medical was created by a company from the Strogino technopark where it has its R&D unit. With the support of the Moscow Government, it has been able to take part not only in Russian exhibitions but international ones too.

The company presented its whole range of devices, supplies and demonstration models at its stand in Dubai.

All-seeing SWIR camera

Another new creation is a short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera made entirely from Russian components. It is as functional as similar foreign-made cameras, and was designed for visualising infrared images in the 0.9 – 1.7μm wavelength range.

A camera of this kind can be used for round-the-clock observation in poor lighting conditions or extreme weather. It can help find camouflaged items, ignition sources or laser light sources. The camera is also relevant for medical equipment, including in hardware for coherence tomography.

The camera is a compact device that does not require deep cooling, consumes less energy than thermal cameras. The other plus point is it costs less.

At Arab Health 2019, the manufacturer showed SWIR cameras that can be run with a regular USB cable connected to a laptop.

Blood stopper powder

Ellarga powder is designed to stop various levels of external haemorrhages, and can even be used when major veins or arteries were damaged.

The powder is 75% chitosan, which is a substance made by reprocessing the chitin shells of shrimps and crabs. It is a natural hypoallergenic polymer with antibacterial properties. The powder can be used even by patients with coagulation disorders and can stop any external haemorrhage within just three minutes.

The powder is very simple to use because all that needs to be done is sprinkle it on the wound, apply a bandage and then put pressure on the damaged area. Chitosan transforms into gel when it comes into contact with blood.

Ellarga’s maker brought two dozen samples of the powder to Dubai.

Active prostheses

Motorika is the maker of active arm prostheses for both children and adults, known for products no other Russian or foreign company makes. Every prosthetic arm is tailor-made with users offered a choice of designs and features. For example, a prosthetic arm can be equipped with extensions for playing (for children), a display offering a smartphone-like experience, or even a chip for contactless payments in public transportation.

These prostheses are 3D printed, and a clip-on mechanism and the frame ensures that the prosthesis is securely attached. The frame is designed to withstand shocks and falls, so nobody needs to worry about breaking it. Moreover, the prosthesis can lift items weighing more than 10 kilos.

The company showed three prosthetic devices at the Made in Moscow stand.

Robot from Zelenograd

Exhibition goers are greeted by Alisa, an interactive anthropomorphic robot made by Neurobotics, a company within the Zelenograd Development Corporation. This android is able to understand facial emotions and respond to them.

The robot’s first version was created in November 2011, and it has been subject to constant improvements ever since. In the latest version, Alisa has a body with articulating arms and neck, making its appearance even more human.

Humanoid robots can be used as interactive display models, replace advisors or secretaries, or even teachers in class. In addition to this, androids can take on the role of baby sitters or medical aides, and could learn to offer primary medical care services.

Digital thermometers

Visitors at Arab Health 2019 could also discover compact connected digital thermometers connected with the Smartphone that will be especially useful for parents with small children.

The device does not interfere with movements, so children can even go to sleep wearing one. By installing an app parents can obtain real-life data about the child’s temperature, and if the fever gets too high, the smartphone will sound an alert.

Morphological diagnostics software

The Digital Pathology enhances the effectiveness of morphological diagnostics and reduces the probability of an error.

This cloud-based solution enables health professionals to hold meetings and examine pathology reports. This network already includes more than 1,500 professionals.

Exhibition visitors in Dubai could discover the platforms on one of the screens within the stand.

Third-generation auto-destruct syringes

Third-generation self-disable (auto-destruct) syringes were also presented at the exhibition. Their price is comparable to that of regular three-piece syringe of the same holding capacity.

When using a self-blocking syringe, it uses a mechanism of retracting the needle into the tube, making it impossible to reuse. Syringes of this kind can be safely recycled after use, since it is impossible to get hurt or infected by it.

The Made in Moscow stand presented syringes of various holding capacities

Made in Moscow

The Moscow Government has been supporting high-potential companies and helping them take part in Russian and foreign exhibitions since 2016. The Moscow Export Centre takes care of the registration fee, exhibition space rental and the transportation of products and equipment to the stand. The participants present their solutions under the single Made in Moscow brand.

Over the past three years more than 400 Moscow-based manufacturers took part in 22 major events, supported by Moscow’s Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development. These included Hannover Messe, MAKS Air Show, Arab Health, Semicon Europa, Gitex IT Week and Innoprom exhibitions.

The Moscow Export Centre also organises match-making meetings with potential buyers, investors and partners. All in all, it helped sign some 400 contracts worth more than 736 million roubles.

Eligibility criteria for a company to join the programme include working for more than six months, operating as a producer and being registered as a taxpayer in Moscow. Companies are also required to pay all taxes and duties on time, and not be in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy.

Companies that have already received subsidies from the city during the last three years  and failed to honour its commitments to the city cannot be part of the project. In addition to this, entrepreneurs must take on both travel and accommodation expenses of all their employees taking part in the sponsored events abroad.