From Dominica to Marcel: Moscow reveals the most unusual names for newborns in 2018

From Dominica to Marcel: Moscow reveals the most unusual names for newborns in 2018
Maria was the most popular name for girls, ahead of Sofya, or Sofia, that was the top choice over the past five years.

The Moscow Civil Registry has revealed the most unusual names given to babies born in Moscow in 2018. One such example was the double name of Adel-Illariya given to a little girl.

Two other girls got space-themed names: Viktoria Luna and Leonida. The first refers to the moon or luna in Russian, and the second to the Leonids meteor shower that people in Moscow can observer every November. Another newborn girl was named Iya, in honour of a Christian saint. Unusual names also included Alexandra Jane, Capitolina, Radomira, Linda, Avgustina and Dominica.

Uncommon names for boys included Phil, Ustin, Martin, Pakhom and Marcel. Two boys got the names Peresvet and Dobrynya. The name Peresvet refers to an Orthodox Christian monk who fought with the Tatar Chelubey at the opening of the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380, while Dobrynya refers to Dobrynya Nikitich, one of the most popular hero warriors of the Russian lore, along with Ilya Muromets. Danislav was another ancient Slavic name given to a newborn boy in 2018.

“The list of the most popular male and female names has changed little compared to previous years. Parents still opt for traditional names people are used to, the names of their fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. This shows that Moscow families remain true to their traditions and seek generational continuity,” Head of the Moscow Civil Registry Yelena Yefremova said.

For the first time over the past five years Maria was the most popular name for girls, pushing Sofya, or Sofia, that used to be an uncontested leader, to second place. Anna was the third most popular name. Just as in 2017, the top 10 most popular names also included Alisa, Viktoria, Anastasia, Polina, Alexandra, Yelizaveta and Varvara.

The list of the most popular male names in Moscow changed very little. Alexander toped the ranking, with Mikhail and Maxim in second and third positions, followed by Ivan, Artyom, Dmitry, Daniil, Marc, Matvei and Ilya. The top 10 list no longer has Kirill on it.

There are quite a few children with uncommon names growing up in Moscow, including Caesar, Bartholomew, Kupava and Agatha Maria, born in 2016. In 2017, Donald, Walter, Kamelia, Chloe and Lyalya were born in Moscow.