Experimental Magnum Live Lab/19 facility opens in Zaryadye

Experimental Magnum Live Lab/19 facility opens in Zaryadye
The unusual exhibition on modern Moscow is at Zaryadye Park’s Dome pavilion near Red Square.

A new experimental facility called Magnum Live Lab/19 has recently opened in Zaryadye Park. There, in the course of almost two weeks, three photographers from the Magnum Photos international photography agency, namely, Thomas Dworzak (Germany), Alex Majoli (the US) and Newsha Tavakolian (Iran), will be creating an exhibition about modern Moscow.

Up to 9 February, the photographers will be taking pictures in various city districts, focusing on historical and modern architecture, public and cultural space design, as well as people in the city. Everyone is welcome to watch the photos being developed and edited for the exhibition as the lab bit by bit gradually turns into an exhibition.

“Moscow is one of the most interesting and rapidly developing cities,” said Yekaterina Pronicheva, head of Moscow’s Tourism Committee at a news conference held to mark the opening of the lab. “We wanted to make a photo chronicle of the city’s development process, the changes in it. First and foremost, it is important to mention, that this isn’t just the one and only such event organised in collaboration with the Magnum agency; we will, in fact, have a whole series of projects.”

This summer, another lab will open in Moscow. In addition to the photos taken this winter, it will include new pictures as well. Magnum Photos have already launched similar displays in London, Shenzhen and Paris.

“This will be Magnum Live Lab’s fourth facility,” said Thomas Dworzak. “I have been to Moscow many times, lived here, too – but never worked here before; it will be very interesting for me to work in this city. We will have very little time, as we will be taking pictures of architectural objects and hidden corners of the city, as well as the people.”

The lab is open for visitors between 4 pm and 8 pm at Zaryadye Park’s Dome Pavilion not far away from Red Square. Admission is free.