Anne Frank. Holocaust Diaries: New exhibition at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre

Anne Frank. Holocaust Diaries: New exhibition at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre
The exhibition includes personal diaries, photographs, historical artefacts, as well as works by artists.

Anne Frank. Holocaust Diaries has opened at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre. The new exhibition is dedicated to personal diaries written by young women in ghettos and occupation zones plus works by artists that focus on the Holocaust.

Many Jews kept diaries during the Second World War, but most of them were destroyed by the Nazis who saw them as evidence of their crimes.

Visitors will learn the story of six girls – Anne Frank, Helene Berr, Eva Heyman, Mary Berg, Elisabeth Kaufmann and Rutka Laskier – based on their diaries and personal archives. Their diaries together with historical artefacts and sound installations explore the process of growing up and the girls’ suffering during the Holocaust.

The exhibition not only brings back memories of a horrible period in human history but also tells us about young girls’ dreams and hopes. Anne Frank, Helene Berr, Eva Heyman and other young women write about their first love, flowers and beautiful dresses, as well as about their passion for books and learning.

Works by famous artists and sculptors recreate historical and emotional images based on the girls’ diaries. These include German painter Anselm Kiefer, Polish sculptor and video artist Miroslaw Balka, French multimedia artist Christian Boltanski, Austrian performance artist Hermann Nitsch, Russian painter Haim Sokol, Israeli photo and video artist Ori Gersht, avant-garde artist and sculptor Vadim Sidur and the founder of auto-destructive art Gustav Metzger.

The exhibition is open from 29 January to 31 March. The museum’s admission hours are Sundays-Thursdays from 12 noon to 10 pm, and Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm. Closed Saturdays.