Superhero burgers: Forum of young entrepreneurs abuzz with ideas

Superhero burgers: Forum of young entrepreneurs abuzz with ideas
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
Members of the winning team will train at a business accelerator.


On 25 January, the Megasport Sport Palace hosted the Young Entrepreneur of Moscow forum, with 10,000 university students, as well as school students attending the event. Various teams worked on their projects nonstop, under the guidance of instructors.

Café with superheroes and other ideas

Members of an 11-person team, including five boys and six girls, won the competition with their proposal for a café inspired by the Marvel Comics Universe. If it is set up, the café will offer superhero burgers. This team’s captain is a first-year student at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, and the youngest member is an 11th form student at a local school. Their idea gathered 550 likes in less than an hour on the VKontakte social media network, during the forum. The team’s members will now be able to train at a business accelerator from late February under part two of the Business Weekend project, learning in-depth business skills.

Other teams suggested no less interesting ideas, including a mobile service that would allow users to navigate the most popular shopping malls and to learn about various discounts, a website that tested and trained modern artists and VR (Virtual Reality) educational software.

The forum also involved famous Moscow business managers. Dmitry Kibkalo, the founder and CEO of a company selling board games, Sergei Kosenko whose company manufactures woollen sweaters and the founder of an online English language school Georgy Solovyov discussed their business experience.

The latest forum is the final stage of the first cycle of training sessions and quests under the Business Weekend project for successful youth startups. Over 12,000 people attended its weekend quests and intensive courses during the first three months of its work. The top-scoring students will later train at a business accelerator.

Under 25: Where future business persons train

Moscow is home to 20 percent of Russia’s universities and 17 percent of the country’s students study in the capital. In early 2019, the city had over 64,000 business people aged under 25, accounting for eight percent of the total number of entrepreneurs in the city.

The city constantly hosts free multi-format training seminars and training sessions for entrepreneurs. Successful business managers and professional coaches address the participants. The events focus mainly on marketing strategies, forming efficient teams and the compilation of business models, as well as taxation and accounting methods and individual and professional efficiency.

Budding entrepreneurs train for five days at the free MBM startup school, with each class lasting 4.5 hours. They test business ideas and study packaging and advertising methods, as well as selling techniques. The students learn how to recruit teams and find out more about incentives for small and medium-sized business in Moscow. Last year, over 2,000 city residents graduated from the MBM startup school, and 31 percent of them were under 30.

The Tekhnograd facility that opened at VDNKh in September 2018 also trains future entrepreneurs in 45 areas. There are also independent business and soft skills courses; the latter help students improve their communication, presentation and negotiating abilities.

Last year, more than 100,000 people attended the Moscow Government’s educational events, including seminars, workshops, conferences, special education projects and forums.