Baby-friendly hospital: Hospital No 40’s Maternity clinic earns international status

Baby-friendly hospital: Hospital No 40’s Maternity clinic earns international status
The status is granted to medical institutions that support breastfeeding and 24-hour inpatient care for mother and baby.

The maternity clinic at City Clinical Hospital No 40 has earned the international baby-friendly status of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNICEF following expertise and accreditation by independent experts.

“The maternity clinic at Hospital No 40 opened less than 18 months ago, in August 2017, after a complete overhaul. In 2018, more than 4,000 babies were born there. Within such a short period, specialists have not only created comfortable conditions for inpatient care but they have also brought all the processes in line with the international requirements of the WHO and UNICEF. This is the ninth maternity clinic in Moscow that has gained global recognition, which indicates the high level of the capital city’s obstetrics service,” noted Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department of Healthcare Alexei Khripun.

The maternity clinic’s services fully comply with the principles of the WHO and UNICEF, providing all the conditions for breastfeeding and 24-hour care for mothers with their babies.

The maternity clinic also serves women with cancer, which the hospital specialises in. The maternity clinic is part of a women’s healthcare centre which also includes a day care unit, a department of pregnancy pathology, a department of gynaecology under the main inpatient facility, a medical records office, six prenatal clinics, a consultative and diagnostic department and a gynaecological hospital for short-term stays, established in 2018.

Also baby-friendly are Maternity Clinic No 25 at Pirogov Hospital No 1, the maternity clinic at Demikhov Hospital, Bauman Hospital No 29’s maternity clinic, the perinatal centre at Konchalovsky Hospital (Zelenograd), Hospital No 24’s perinatal centre, Yudin Hospital’s maternity clinic, the maternity clinic at Inozemtsev Hospital and Vinogradov Hospital’s Maternity Clinic No 4.

In 1992, WHO and UNICEF developed a joint initiative aimed at ensuring favourable breastfeeding conditions in hospitals. To achieve the status of a baby-friendly hospital, a maternity clinic needs to implement the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. Currently, more than 22,000 hospitals in 157 countries have been making efforts to ensure comfortable conditions in their obstetrics units.