Moscow innovation cluster: Goals, tasks and management models

Moscow innovation cluster: Goals, tasks and management models
Photo: Press Service of the Moscow Mayor and Government. Denis Grishkin
Draft law and readiness to join project discussed by experts.

Moscow hosted the second session of the public discussion on the establishment of an innovation cluster. Experts discussed the draft law that defined the cluster’s goals and tasks as well as support measures for participants and characteristics of the IT platform that would integrate various measures used to support high-tech in the city. Those at the meeting also focused on what sort of a management model would be selected for the cluster.

“A special fund will be established to oversee the cluster’s innovative activities. We will evaluate its work with such KPIs as the growth in the number of participants, cooperative projects, new jobs and export rates that are higher than the average in Moscow,” noted Alexei Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations.

Moscow has a huge productive, scientific and technical potential. As of today, it has over 20,000 innovative companies including 719 research organisations, 173 educational institutions, over 450 certification centres and test labs, over 15,000 IT companies and more than 7,000 manufacturing enterprises. The lack of a common platform results in all these organisations functioning separately.

“Moscow’s innovative infrastructure includes tens of thousands of facilities. We cannot leave this potential untouched if we want to reach an entirely new level of economic and technological development. The president supported the establishment of the cluster that will define the federal and regional agendas and also step outside Russia. We will be able to compete with foreign clusters in the field of the programme and the development of new products,” Alexei Fursin added.

The innovative cluster will unite IT companies, business incubators, technoparks and academic institutions in Moscow within one single platform. It will also provide its participants with access to all city entrepreneur support measures.

“It is a very good initiative. It will be very popular. It’s in the pipeline. Our scientific organisations are, in some sense, far away from the practical side of things. At the same time, many interesting innovative projects can be developed if people cooperate with one another,” businesswoman Natalya Kasperskaya said.

Yandex also supported the idea. The company’s representative Igor Alekseyev said they were ready to join the project and take an active part in it.

“Establishing an innovative cluster is the way we should go. And it will surely have an economic effect,” said Rector of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University Anatoly Aleksandrov.

The goal of the cluster is to create favourable conditions for high-tech producers that are ready to export their products. Its main feature is the diversity of skills and qualifications as well as the constant exchange of ideas and professional knowledge between specialists in various spheres.

The innovative cluster will unite the entire existing infrastructure and Moscow’s human resources and manufacture potential in one single system.

The idea to establish such a platform was first voiced last April. It was supported by President Vladimir Putin, who signed the order to establish an innovative cluster in Moscow on 26 November 2018.