City parks: Tremendous fun

City parks: Tremendous fun
Thanks to many city parks having been overhauled, the public can now have an even better time when it comes to their leisure time, taking advantage of new facilities like ski runs, ice-rinks, slides and warm changing rooms.

The improvements that have been made to various parks in people’s neighbourhoods it seems are truly appreciated as many are fond of spending their free time in such places. They are not even worried about the biting frost as there are numerous comfortable places to relax and enjoy themselves.

An 800 sq m ice-rink has been created near the entrance to Brateyevskaya Poima Park not far from 48 Borisovskiye Prudi Street. Admission is free. Next to it is a warm changing room where people can leave their belongings in lockers. Another of the park’s attractions is a 4.5 km long ski run.

Mitino Landscape Park has a giant ice-rink that can take up to 1,500 skaters at any one time. It has an artificial cooling system and lights that go on when darkness falls. There are two ski runs in the park, one is 1.5 km long and the other is three km long. The necessary equipment is available at rent stations at 16 Penyaginskaya Street. There is also a tube-slide in the park.

A ski run that is over nine km long has been made in 850-Letiya Moskvi Park. It can also be used by athletes to train and hold competitions in cross-country skiing and biathlon. There are also two ice-rinks in the park, a slide and rent  stations. These points are located on 21 Porechnaya Street and next to No 3, Bldg 1, on the same street.  

An hockey rink at the upgraded Svyatoslava Fyodorova Park was made larger and now occupies about 1,300 sq m. There is also an ice-rink opposite No 16a, Bldg 1, on Seligerskaya Street that is open from 10 am until 10 pm. The warm changing room near the ice-rink has vending machines offering various refreshments including drinks.

Garden of the Future, Tyufeleva Roshcha and other cosy nooks: Improving parks by popular demand Green spots right on your doorstep

Last year, Moscow carried out projects to overhaul 82 parks and green spots. Locals took part in public gatherings and their suggestions were incorporated into the projects. For example, young people often asked to create more sites where they could work out, while senior citizens wanted to have more quiet places to relax and spend their leisure time.

From 2011 to 2018, the number of city parks increased several times, from a mere 130 in 2010 to 574 at the end of late 2018. Currently, work is in progress to spruce up the Lyublino Mansion and Park Pobedi in Zelenograd.