Virtual walking tours of palaces and estates now available on Discover Moscow portal

Virtual walking tours of palaces and estates now available on Discover Moscow portal
Without even needing to take one step outside people will be able to take a stroll around the famous Pashkov House on Vozdvizhenka Street, the Metropol Hotel in Teatralny Proyezd and the Petrovsky Palace on Leningradsky Prospekt.

With the help of modern technology people are able to visit such places as the ancient halls of Pashkov House, stand on the roof of a Stalin high-rise building or take a peep inside the royal parlour of Petrovsky Palace. The Discover Moscow portal created by Moscow’s Department of Information Technology now offers virtual guided tours of historical city buildings. Six tours developed by the city Department of Cultural Heritage are already available on the updated portal.

They include excursions to Petrovsky Palace (40 Leningradsky Prospekt), Smirnov’s Mansion (18 Tverskoi Boulevard), he Novoekaterininskaya Hospital (15/29 Strastnoy Boulevard, Bldg. 1), Pashkov House (3/5 Vozdvizhenka Street, Bldg. 1), the Metropol Hotel (2 Teatralny Proyezd) and the Leningradskaya Hotel (21/40 Kalanchyovskaya Street),  housed in one of seven Stalin era high-rise buildings.

“The way the new portal functions has made it possible to visit Moscow’s unique historical buildings such as famous mansions, estates and palaces without needing to go anywhere whether people are inside or outside Russia. The variety of virtual tours will be gradually increased in the course of the year,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalya Sergunina.

The online excursions can be found on the Discover Moscow portal, It’s easy, people just have to search what they want to see. Besides the virtual tour there’ll be photos and background information.

The multimedia navigator will help users find interesting sites, obtain advanced information about exhibits and view images in full detail.

“The Department of Cultural Heritage selected content for the Discover Moscow tours deliberately. The information is interesting and detailed enough for the users to better understand the city’s history,” noted Alexei Yemelyanov, head of Moscow’s Department of Cultural Heritage.

Discover Moscow is an online guide to the city’s sightseeing spots operating both as a portal and an app. It can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. The portal and the app contain descriptions of over 1,600 buildings and structures, 600 monuments, 289 museums, 170 other places together with information about 207 famous people  and 65 themed walking routes. The service is constantly being expanded.

The recently added smart search tool on the Discover Moscow app is useful if people are trying to quickly get information about some of the city’s historical buildings which are categorised under the construction year (from 16th to mid-20th century) architectural style and designation.

The app also has a game analogue of Histars with 3D characters. It can be used to make selfies with such people as Viktor Tsoi, Yuri Gagarin, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great. During the warm weather when most people like to stroll around the city the app users reached about a million.