Free guided tours at Ostankino TV Tower for students

Free guided tours at Ostankino TV Tower for students
Guided tours of the tower will be available in Russian and English. Students will learn the history of the tower and interesting facts about it, as well as see the sights of Moscow from the observation deck.

On St Tatyana’s Day, 25 January, the Ostankino TV Tower invites all full-time students to over 100 free guided tours. Tour groups will be formed during the day from 10 am to 9 pm. Full-time students at Russian and foreign universities, as well as students at secondary specialised colleges will be able to take these tours.

From a bird’s eye view, students will be able to see the Moscow Kremlin, the Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements (VDNKh), Lomonosov Moscow State University main building, the Moscow City business centre and other significant sights in the city, as well as learn interesting facts about them. Tours of the tallest structure in Europe will be available in Russian and English.

St Tatyana’s day is considered a students’ day and is marked on 25 January. It was on this day in 1755 that Empress Yelizaveta Petrovna signed a decree on establishing Moscow University.

“On Russian students’ day, guides will take students up to the observation deck with its magnificent view of the historical city centre, and will also invite them to visit a multimedia complex where students will be able to see a robot meteorologist. To take the tour, students will need their student cards and passports,”a spokesman of the department for public relations and mass media of the Moscow Regional Centre branch of the Russian Television and Radio Network (Ostankino TV Tower) said.

The meeting place is the tower lobby. One tour lasts 20 minutes. A group is limited to 20 students. Free tours still require an admission ticket.

According to the department of public relations and mass media, other visitors will also need to buy an admission ticket.

The admission ticket provides access to the tower, where students can go to the observation deck on their own or take the free tour.

In addition to guided sightseeing tours, students will enjoy other surprises on Tatyana’s Day. The Ostankino Concert Hall will host an event devoted to the English language. The main guest of the event is noted Russian polyglot Dmitry Petrov. The programme includes meeting with experienced linguists, watching and discussing foreign films, a workshop in acting and much more. The event will take place from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Tour and event participation are free for students, but a general tower admission ticket is required. The tower will hold such events on a regular basis.

The Ostankino TV Tower opened on 5 November 1967. The height is 540 metres. At the time it opened it was the tallest structure in the world. Today, the tower has been topped by buildings in Dubai, Shanghai and New York, but it remains the tallest building in Russia and Europe. When it opened, four television and three broadcast channels appeared in the USSR. Now the tower broadcasts more than 40 television and radio channels. This year, it will celebrate its 52nd anniversary.