Thousands of lights: Where to watch fireworks on New Year Eve

Thousands of lights: Where to watch fireworks on New Year Eve
New Year fireworks displays will take place in all Moscow administrative areas, including 18 city parks. To find the nearest show, please check the website:

The information portal presents a map of New Year fireworks, with precise details of addresses. Moscow has arranged spectacular fireworks displays at 31 locations.

The Moscow sky will be illuminated by thousands of colourful flares. The first salvoes will be fired in the vicinity of Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge (Central Administrative Area) at midnight sharp. The five-minute show is best viewed from the Zaryadye Park, Red Square and nearby streets. In the other locations, fireworks will begin at 1 am – by that time the New Year will start throughout the entire country.

“Fireworks displays will be arranged in all of Moscow’s administrative areas. High-altitude fireworks, visible even from a great distance, will be launched at 13 of the sites. They explode at a height of about 100 metres. The sky will be emblazoned with peonies, chrysanthemums and balls of myriad colours. There will also be fireworks at 18 locations in the city’s parks. These are going to be no less colourful — 50,000 salvoes will be fired into the sky. Pyrotechnic displays will be held in Gorky Park, Sokolniki, Kuzminki, the Hermitage Garden, Vorontsovsky and other parks,” reported the Moscow Department of Culture press service.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations will extend beyond the parks. Tverskaya – the city’s main street – will become a pedestrian area, hosting many holiday events that are part of the Journey to Christmas winter festival. This year, the festival runs from 14 December to 13 January. Its 78 locations will offer ballet on ice and performances by Russian and foreign theatres, as well as classes and sports games for those wishing to take part.

High-altitude fireworks locations:

— Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge (starts at midnight);

— Khodynskoye Pole park (Khodynsky Boulevard);

— Lianozovo (Novgorodskaya Street);

— Izmailovo (Bauman Townlet);

— Pechatniki Park (across Guryanova Street);

— Kuzminki (Zarechye Street);

— Severnoye Butovo (crossing of Akademika Glushko Street and Dmitry Donskoi Boulevard);

— Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora, Partisans Alley (starts at midnight);

— Novo-Peredelkino (Fedosyino Street, on the pond edge);

— Mitino Landscape Park (Roslovka Street);                                              

— Zelenograd (Ozyornaya Alley);

— Moskovsky Town (by Moskovsky Sports Centre);

— Troitsk (Fizicheskaya Street).

Parks with pyrotechnic displays:

— Sokolniki Park (Sokolnichesky Val Street);

— Gorky Park (Krymsky Val Street, barge on the Moskva River beside Pushkinskaya Embankment);

— The Hermitage Garden (Karetny Ryad Street, near Shchukinskaya Stage Square);

— Krasnogvardeyskiye Prudy Park (Nizhnie (Lower) Krasnogvardeyskiye Prudy);

— Tagansky Park (Taganskaya Street);

— The Bauman Garden (Staraya Basmannaya Street);

— Kuzminki Park (across Zarechye Street);

— Sadovniki Park (Prospekt Andropova);

— Izmailovsky Park (Narodny Prospekt);

— Sirenevy Garden (Shcholkovskoye Shosse);

— 50-letiya Oktyabrya Park (Udaltsova Street);

— Babushkinsky Park (Menzhinskogo Street);

— Vorontsovsky Park (Vorontsovsky Park Street);

— Severnoye Tushino Park (Svibody Street);

— Lianozovsky Park (Ugrichskaya Street);

— Goncharovsky Park (Rustaveli Street);

— Perovsky Park (Lazo Street);

— VDNKh, Michurinsky Garden (starts at midnight).