My Documents flagship offices for drivers

My Documents flagship offices for drivers
Today, there are two flagship offices in the Central and Southwestern administrative areas.

City residents have registered over 40,000 vehicles and other properties at My Documents flagship offices since early 2018. Vehicle registration is one of the most popular services provided by the State Road Traffic Safety Inspection.

People have been able to register their cars at the My Documents integrated government services centres since January 2018. The first flagship office offering this service opened at Afimall City shopping and entertainment centre, and last June, a second office was added at the Spektr shopping andentertainment centre in southwestern Moscow.

Drivers can have their vehicles checked quickly and comfortably at specially equipped car parks near both flagship offices.

Registering cars at flagship offices

These services are available daily from 10 am until 10 pm; and applicants should register in advance on the or websites.

Those wishing to have their cars inspected or registered should park near the My Documents flagship office at the shopping mall and obtain a coupon from the administrator of the electronic queue management system at the office entrance.

After that, drivers should pay their fees using the terminals at flagship offices, and they should also provide relevant documents to the specialists at the one-stop shops. If necessary, traffic police officers will inspect cars at a special facility.

Other services for drivers

Apart from registering their cars at integrated government services centres, motorists can obtain new driving licences, as well as their international equivalents. People with impaired health and those with many children can apply for parking permits. My Documents centres also provide data on traffic violations. People can obtain this service as a package at flagship offices and all integrated government services centres in the Central Administrative Area.

All city districts have 129 comfortable My Documents integrated government services centres. People can undergo medical checkups at flagship offices, eat at cafés, visit notaries and buy concert tickets.