Sergei Sobyanin: MES content grows exponentially

Sergei Sobyanin: MES content grows exponentially
With modern technology, it will be possible to create online portfolios for each pupil.

In the not too distant future the Moscow Electronic School (MES) will have the world’s largest storage of data and educational technology, Sergei Sobyanin said at the panel session of the Digital Summit award’s final ceremony.

“Everyone is interested in their children’s education. This is why the Moscow Electronic School was established. This is only the beginning when it comes to its development, but the content used there is growing exponentially,” the Mayor pointed out.

According to Mr Sobyanin, with this unique volume of information, it will be possible to create an online portfolio for each and every pupil during their entire school life, starting from the first grade up until graduation.

“In the end we won’t have to hold international or national school Olympiads: we will know exactly where there is a new Mendeleyev or Lomonosov and be aware of which school they attend. This is a revolution in schooling,” Sergei Sobyanin proudly explained.

The Mayor noted that Moscow was developing services in distinct industries for specific people: “We are not developing something that is simply abstract that looks fashionable and interesting but is hard to understand.”

The Digital Summit is the first national IT award. The contest is held among Russian software development engineers who create IT tools to improve the effectiveness of businesses and government bodies as well as personal KPI.