Moscow Metro issues Troika travel cards with River Overlook footbridge

Moscow Metro issues Troika travel cards with River Overlook footbridge
In all, 10,000 themed travel cards are available.

The Moscow Metro has issued Troika travel cards dedicated to Zaryadye Landscape Park. The fare pass features images of the River Overlook footbridge, the famous St Basil’s Cathedral, the park’s pavilions and its logo, a leaf etched against a dark-blue sky.

A limited edition of 10,000 unusual-looking Troika cards is on sale from 10 December.

“You can buy Troika travel cards with unusual designs at every metro ticket office. We hope that the new Zaryadye Park card will create a festive mood among passengers, also serving as a memento for tourists,” the Moscow Metro press service said in a statement.

The release of themed travel cards and tickets has already become a good tradition, press service officials added. They help remind metro passengers about memorable dates, major city events, and the unique designs thrill collectors.

Zaryadye Park began to accept Troika cards in February 2018. Troika card holders get a five percent discount on tickets and can use the cards to pay for various daily events, guided tours and exhibitions. Since late 2017, the multi-purpose card can also be used to pay for parking in underground car parks.

People can use their Troika cards to buy tickets and keep a record of journeys on the metro, surface-transit and Moscow Central Circle (MCC) as well as the Aeroexpress and commuter trains. Troika cards can also be used to purchase museum tickets and for entry to the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Zoo, the Moscow Planetarium and the Moscow Transport Museum, without queueing.

A complete list of museums accepting Troika cards is posted on the website.

Zaryadye Park opened 9 September 2017, with architects creating four national landscape zones, including the northern, the meadow, the steppe and the Central Russian. Each zone features endemic soils, trees, shrubs and flowers.

The unique 244-metre long River Overlook footbridge is one of the main local attractions. It features a 70-metre section projecting out over the Moskva River. The park’s Media Centre pavilion, with its Soaring Theatre facility, offers two spectacular films, Soaring over Moscow and Soaring over Russia, showing all the main sites of Moscow and Russia.

Apart from the Soaring Theatre, people can visit the Time Machine attraction, learning about the history of Moscow from ancient times to the present. The Nature Centre pavilion’s science and educational centre offers free lectures on biology, ecology, architecture and healthcare.

People can find out more about the Arctic and Antarctica by visiting the Ice Cave. Those interested in archaeology can go to the Zaryadye Underground Museum. Tickets to all events are on sale at ticket offices and payment-navigation terminals, as well as on the park’s official website.