Nutcracker and Cinderella plus other ice ballets during Journey to Christmas festival

Nutcracker and Cinderella plus other ice ballets during Journey to Christmas festival
Two venues in the centre of the city, Novopushkinsky public garden and Red Square will have ice ballets. The fairytale on ice the Frog Princess will be premiered this year.

Two ice theatres will open this winter in the centre of the city as part of the Journey to Christmas festival that starts on 14 December. The shows, some of which star famous figure skaters, will take place on ice rinks in Novopushkinsky public garden as well as on Red Square.

In all, there will be 72 ice shows, of which 46 are going to take place in Novopushkinsky public garden and 26 will be presented on Red Square. A combination of bright settings, impressive costumes, spectacular ice skating and emotional acting will leave neither children nor adults feeling chilly. During the intervals between performances, visitors will get an opportunity to take to the ice themselves and learn some dance moves which will be demonstrated by professionals. Skate rental points will be operational at all the venues.

The Frog Princess in Novopushkinsky public garden

The ice theatre in Novopushkinsky public garden will present spectacular shows every day directed by figure skater Pyotr Chernyshyov. They will star, among other performers, Olympic champions and prestigious competition winners, including Pyotr Chernyshyov himself, Tatyana Navka, Adelina Sotnikova, Yelena Ilyinykh, Artur Gachinsky and other notable skaters.  

The main premiere of the year will be the fairytale on ice, the Frog Princess, scheduled for 31 December. People in Moscow will also be able to enjoy the already popular ice interpretations of ballets such as Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Cipollino, Snow White and Cinderella. Each show engages more than 50 professionals skating to works by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss and Karen Khachaturyan.  

The improvised spectator area of the ice theatre can accommodate 1,500 people. In the intervals, visitors will be able to take to the ice themselves and even try and compete with famous figure skaters. The athletes will conduct masterclasses both for adults and children. It is impossible to master a triple toe loop at the first attempt but they can try learning simple but impressive moves instead. 

The Nutcracker on Red Square: Not to be missed

The popular ice rink on Red Square will present Christmas tales. The director of the spectacular productions involving figure skating professionals is Olympic champion Yevgeny Plyushchenko.

On the first days of the festival, the Nutcracker, which is based on the world-famous fairytale by Hoffmann, will be put on. From 29 December, the Snow King will be running. This is an unusual interpretation of Andersen’s fairytale centered around Kai whose heart got cold because of evil trolls’ pranks and around the loyal Gerda, trying to save him.

From 11 January, the Kings on Ice sports show starring Yevgeny Plyushchenko will take place on Red Square. There will also be traditional masterclasses given by famous ice hockey player Alexei Yashin and figure skater Yury Ovchinnikov. The athletes will share some professional secrets and signature techniques. The event is open for everyone upon preliminary registration on the official website of the Moscow Seasons.

Ice shows:

Novopushkinsky public garden:

  • 14 December 7 pm  Cinderella  
  • 15 December 5 pm   Cipollino  7 pm   Cinderella
  • 16 December 5 pm  Cipollino  7 pm   The Nutcracker
  • 17-19 December 5 pm  The Nutcracker  7 pm  Snow White
  • 20-21 December 5 pm   Cipollino  7 pm   The Nutcracker
  • 22 December 5 pm   Cinderella
  • 23 December 5 pm   Cipollino  7 pm  Cinderella
  • 24 December 7 pm  Cinderella
  • 25 December 7 pm  Swan Lake
  • 26-30 December 15 pm  Swan Lake
  • 31 December 15 pm and 6 pm   The Frog Princess (premiere)
  • 1 January 15 pm and 6 pm   The Frog Princess
  • 2-8 January 15 pm   The Frog Princess
  • 9 January 5 pm and 7 pm  The Frog Princess
  • 10-11 January 5 pm   The Frog Princess  7 pm – Snow White
  • 12 January 5 pm   Cipollino,  7 pm   Snow White
  • 13 January 5 pm  Cinderella   7 pm   The Frog Princess

Red Square:

  • 14-16 December also 20-28 December 30 pm  The Nutcracker
  • 29-30 December also 1-10 January 30 pm  The Snow King
  • 11-13 January 30 pm  Kings on Ice starring Yevgeny Plyushchenko.

The capital city’s main winter festival, Journey to Christmas will start on 14 December and come to a close on 13 January. It will include street performances, free workshops on making New Year gifts and various treats.

In all, Moscow will set up 78 festival venues. Besides the two ice theatres, people will be able to attend the ‘good manners school’ situated near the Central Department Store (TsUM) and play laser tag on Manezhnaya Square or do a bit of curling on Novy Arbat.  

Children and adults will also be able to partake in the New Year quest A Fairytale Journey upon obtaining a special fairytale passport at one of the 22 venues. The organisers will prepare over 80,000 New Year mementos such as bags of goodies, cinema tickets and various items with festival symbols on them. To get a prize you will need to produce a filled-out fairytale passport at one of the main Christmas shops on Tverskoi Boulevard, Slavy Square or 41 Profsoyuznaya Street.  

The festive venues’ working hours will be from 11 am to 10 pm during the week and from 10 am to 22 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The Red Square venue has been in service since 30 November and is open every day from10 am to11.30 pm.