Online map for driveless cars: Moscow wins Com-News Awards 2018

Online map for driveless cars: Moscow wins Com-News Awards 2018
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
The integral online map contains data on zebra crossings, slip lanes, signposts and other things to do with traffic.

The multirole Mos-Trans-Project Research and Design Institute has won  the prestigious Com-News Awards 2018 in the Best Public Sector Project category for compiling an electronic map of Moscow which eventually will be used by driverless cars.

The automated information system Comprehensive Road Traffic Concept is an integral digital map containing data on everything to do with traffic, including zebra crossings, slip lanes and signposts. The unique map’s data was previously only found on printed maps.

“We consider it important that our IT solutions are in line with global trends, and that they sometimes outpace them. While developing our products, the Institute’s team is trying to respond to the current challenges that face global cities and which are called on to improve life in mega-cities. A futuristic city is impossible without a futuristic transport system. Online maps are an important part of transport infrastructure that allows driverless cars to focus on other vehicles, rather than waste the processor’s capacities on identifying sign posts,” Deputy Mos-Trans-Project Director Alexander Gerasimov noted. 

Most importantly, the system will utilise the block-chain principle. For example, workers from such municipal agencies as the State Traffic Safety Inspection, the Traffic Management Centre, the Moscow City Transit Authority (Mosgortrans) and various utility services, will be quickly updated on all changes, including new road markings, the removal of any signposts or the installation of new ones.

Today, the online map is used as a database for simulating various traffic situations. This makes it possible to find out how local transport will change if for example one-way traffic is introduced on any specific street or if a block of flats is built near a road or if a traffic light somewhere is readjusted. Mos-Trans-Project has already started compiling a similar Comprehensive Road Traffic Concept for other Russian cities.

Instituted in 2011, Com-News Awards ranks among the most prestigious IT and digital economic prizes. It is awarded in line with independent industrial rankings, compiled by analytical teams and published in the Communications and Broadcasting Encyclopaedia: Rankings.

This year’s award was presented in 11 categories, including the oil and gas industry, the electricity industry, the housing and utilities/Smart City sector, the processing industry, the financial sector, agriculture, transport and logistics, trade, healthcare, education and public administration.