New Year’s express trains to historical Moscow Region towns

New Year’s express trains to historical Moscow Region towns
Tourist expresses will enter service 15 December from the capital’s Kursky, Kazansky, Savyolovsky and Yaroslavsky railway stations, with professional guides onboard.

The Central Suburban Passenger Company is launching eight commuter trains called Winter Expresses that will carry city residents and tourists on guided tours to the Moscow Region’s cities and towns. The trains will start running 15 December from Kursky, Kazansky, Savyolovsky and Yaroslavsky railway stations.

“Winter Expresses will carry groups of tourists to Istra, Dmitrov, Sergiyev Posad, Kolomna and Volokolamsk. People will learn the history of these old cities, see the main landmarks and attractions, and they will also visit various sweets and souvenir making companies. Tourists using these trains will be able to plan trips and avoid possible problems en route,” the company’s press service said in a statement.

For example, the Winter Express —Toy Kingdom: Sergiyev Posad guided tour will include the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and the Toy Museum with old and modern exhibits. They will attend a workshop and learn how to paint these toys. While in Dmitrov, they will walk the local Kremlin, admire the unique furniture, chinaware and fabrics, as well as 15th-16th century manuscripts. 

People can also take a train to Kolomna, one of the Moscow Region’s oldest cities. The Kolomna Winter Express: Moscow Region Arbat guided tour. While there, they will visit the Fruit-Berry Sweets/Marshmallows Museum-Factory, and the Soap and Honey museums. People will learn how to make sweet-smelling soap and bake knot-shaped biscuits.

The expresses will run from 15 December through 28 February. The number of railway tours depends on public interest. Professional guides will accompany tourists on these one-two day trips.

The corporate website lists a detailed programme, where anyone can register. The complete schedule will be published by 15 December. 

The company offers regular guided tours to the Moscow Region’s cities and towns, mostly to Dmitrov and Ryazan. Information on upcoming tours is posted on the website:

The company is busy compiling audio-guides for the Moscow-Mozhaisk, Moscow-Ozherelye, Moscow-Ryazan, Dmitrov-Dubna and Moscow-Kolomna routes. People can download audio-guides for free using a QR code on train-wall posters and also from the corporate website. These guides are available in Russian and English. In all, 46 audio-guides, including 13 in English, are currently available.