Sergei Sobyanin: Each neighbourhood should have community centres

Sergei Sobyanin: Each neighbourhood should have community centres
Moscow plans to comprehensively develop each residential district by landscaping places, constructing and updating educational facilities and sports centres as well as creating new areas for recreation and leisure activities.

The My District programme will be extended for a longer term, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin noted speaking live on TV Tsentr.

“My District is not a bunch of campaign promises on a list,” he said. “The programme will continue as long as this city exists. I hope those who come after me will support it as well. I do not even think it possible to cancel such programmes, given the strong support from Muscovites. I think this is a great hit, as they say, picking up on what people need and in this case making their districts  better.”

The Moscow Mayor noted that the format for planning city development is now changing, with greater attention being paid to the improvement of each district. Each neighbourhood should have community centres for people in Moscow. These might include libraries upgraded as modern media centres, music schools or festival venues. “A new centre for fairs and other events can be built, as in Kuzminki, so that the locals will not have to travel as far as Manezhnaya Square to the Journey to Christmas festival,” he said.

Local venues can become even more popular than central ones and also generate revenue, as is the case with the new festival and fair site in Novokosino.

“The population of each district ranges from 100,000 to 250,000 – like in an entire town,” Sergei Sobyanin explained. “But these vast areas have no place where everyone can go. There are public gardens and parks where people can stroll and walk through, but no venues where people can get together and celebrate when there’s a special occasion so that things would be festive and beautiful. Such centres, when they are established, become magnets of enormous attraction for huge numbers of people.”

The city government will also continue to improve courtyards. They will be upgraded every seven to eight years. “We have to enter each courtyard and rebuild it comprehensively, taking into account what is required and what new technology is needed. Therefore, every year, around 3,500 courtyards are modernised and repaired fully or partially,” he added.

Residents also change with the improvement of their city. They spend more time outside, go in for sports and also communicate with one another. “It seems that the number of people in the city has increased significantly, but there are as many as before. Only they have become more active, begun to admire the city, to take walks, and live a full life in this city. I would say this is the main effect,” concluded Sergei Sobyanin.