Museum of Cosmonautics’ new exhibition on the creation and launch of Buran rocket spacecraft

Museum of Cosmonautics’ new exhibition on the creation and launch of Buran rocket spacecraft
This online project is dedicated to the technology and people involved in the creation of this space aircraft – to designers, engineers, test pilots and chemists.

The Museum of Cosmonautics has recently opened an online exhibition called The Energia- Buran Programme. Rocket Spacecraft of the Future, which is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the launch of this unique space vehicle.

Exactly at 6 am on 15 November, the museum posted the links to the online exhibition on its social network pages in Vkontakte and Facebook, marking the exact time of the first launch of the Buran shuttle orbiter that took place in 1988. The exhibition is available at the museum’s official website as well.

This exhibition expands on the sort of technology used in the course of the spacecraft’s construction, as well as the experts involved in the project.

The exhibition includes archival material, diary entries and interviews, telling personal stories of the people who spent most of their lives working on the Energia-Buran Programme. There, pilots and designers, engineers and chemists, construction workers and officials will talk about their personal contributions to the Buran project. The creators of this exhibition also attempted to piece together the chain of events that took place on the day of this triumphal flight. The main characters will share their memories of 15 November 1988: where they were, what they were doing and what they were feeling the moment the spacecraft was launched.

The list of exhibition’s storytellers includes cosmonaut Alexander Laveykin, pilot Magomed Tolboyev, Buran chief engineer’s daughter Irina Lozino-Lozinskaya and even popular musician and composer Sergei Letov, who used to juggle between performing and working on Buran’s thermal protection coating back then.

Every story is accompanied by a demonstration of memorial objects, photos and other documents from the personal archives of the participants in those events, plus the archives from the Museum of Cosmonautics and other museums of enterprises and organisations involved in the Energia- Buran Programme.