Applications open for the 2019 Flower Jam competition

Applications open for the 2019 Flower Jam competition
Next summer, gardens adorning the city will bloom from June until September.

Applications to participate in the 2019 Flower Jam Open International Competition of Urban Landscape Design are now being accepted. Moscow will host the competition for the third time. City sites will be decorated with gardens in constant bloom. The theme of the competition task for professionals is Moscow Summer Gardens. James Basson, one of the most famous landscape designers in the world, will chair the judging panel.

Applications will be accepted until 15 December 2018 and projects until 15 January 2019. The judging panel will meet to discuss the projects at the Flower Jam winter conference at the end of February.

The organisers have a lot of surprises in store. Flower compositions made by Flower Jam participants will decorate the city for several months, from June until September, not just for a few weeks like in previous years.

The project requirements and the scoring system used by the international judging panel will also change. According to the competition terms, gardens designed by competitors should not just be beautiful but also changeable. Competitors are expected to design their gardens so that the plants reach peak bloom at different times, which makes the garden look different in August from how it looked in June. Members of the international judging panel will evaluate finalists’ work in view of these changes, as they will inspect the designs several times during the summer.

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The competition will offer four professional categories: Large Exhibition Garden, Medium-Sized Exhibition Garden, Small Exhibition Garden and Landscape Design for Educational and Healthcare Institutions.

The social-sector category will make its debut in 2019. Competitors are expected to design functional projects for school and hospital grounds and other social institutions in light of their specific features: sensory and therapeutic gardens and landscape options for outdoor play and educational spaces.

Participation is open not only to professionals but also to students of landscape design schools. There is a special category for them, Student Project Competition. It was introduced in 2017 to get creative youth involved in solving urban landscape design issues.

In addition, district sites will host an amateur competition that will be part of the 2019 Flower Jam festival.

Yet another new aspect of the competition will be work with advisers – members of the judging panel. Competitors will have an opportunity to design their projects in collaboration with leading landscape designers and architects in Russia and the world.

2018 Flower Jam

Last year, the theme of the Flower Jam festival was Bright Colours. It lasted from 30 August until 9 September. Festival sites offered workshops in botany and flower arrangement. Visitors learned how to create interesting gifts made of eco-materials and took part in free tours of parks and gardens.

Moscow’s best landscape designers submitted their garden design ideas, and during the amateur competition, which took place on City Day, Muscovites, directed by professional gardeners, made about 1,500 flower beds in all city districts.

The 2017 Moscow Summer: Flower Jam festival won the 8th Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture in the Event of the Year category. Over 7 million people visited the sites then.