International experts praise Moscow for being such a smart city

International experts praise Moscow for being such a smart city
They evaluated the Russian capital’s economic, environmental-protection, public-sector and cultural achievements.

International experts praised Moscow for being such a smart city. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) conducted a case study called “Implementing ITU-T International Standards to Shape Smart Sustainable Cities: The case of Moscow” under the United for Smart Sustainable Cities initiative (U4SSC). The study’s results are posted on the website.

The project aims to compile and popularise the best smart city practices. Earlier, similar in-depth case studies were conducted in Singapore and Dubai. The Russian capital’s experience will be taken into account while drafting ITU standards for the Internet of Things concept and smart cities.

 “We strive to adapt the city’s digital infrastructure and services to every resident’s daily needs and to guarantee that they make life more comfortable and easier too. Moscow has accumulated substantial experience. Therefore, we eagerly responded to a proposal to take part in the case study. Such initiatives play an important role when it comes to compiling universal efficiency-assessment criteria for mega-cities worldwide, and it is necessary to support them,” Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalia Sergunina said.

Experts have studied the Russian capital’s smart city experience, various smart projects and their influence on city residents’ quality of life. Moscow has provided data on 76 out of 91 key efficiency-assessment criteria.

The experts noted the capital’s economic, environmental-protection, public-sector and cultural achievements, being facilitated by the development and intensive introduction of IT. For example, the city provides over 260 online and other services via the, and Active Citizen websites. Their users can suggest various ideas, report local problems, initiate crowdsourcing projects as well as referendums on local matters.

Over 12 million people now reside in Moscow, said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao. This is the largest urban area on the European continent, he added. Considering the size of Moscow and its huge population, this case study is a unique source of information for other cities all over the world, he pointed out.

Today, Moscow continues to introduce various kinds of cutting-edge technologies under the smart city programme, including a block-chain under the Active Citizen project, a sprawling public Wi Fi network and the Moscow Electronic School programme. Moscow’s Wi Fi network is also the second-largest in the world.

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City residents and also visitors appreciate the local comfort levels, happily roaming its improved streets lined with masses of wonderful trees and shrubs. The number of pedestrians is up 70 percent throughout the city.