Aneurysm removal: Unique operation at Morozov Children’s Hospital

Aneurysm removal: Unique operation at Morozov Children’s Hospital
Photo: Photo by the Presidential Press and Information Office
The operation took 10 hours and involved 27 people.

At the Morozov Children’s Hospital doctors carried out an operation which was unique removing a teenage girl’s huge aneurysm, Sergei Sobyanin wrote on his Twitter page.


The girl was delivered to the hospital suffering from acute abdominal pains, weakness and vomiting. Her earlier diagnosis was that she had hereditary syndrome-based connective tissue dysplasia. During the examination the doctors discovered aneurysm of the superior mesenteric artery 6 cm long and 27 ml in volume together with thrombotic masses.

Never used globally before method was developed to save the life of a child with a rare condition.

“There have not been parallel cases with proven effective treatment methods. So we decided to carry out a new kind of operation, removing the aneurysm and replacing the superior mesenteric artery,” said Mikhail Abramyan, head of the Cardiac Surgery Department at the Morozov Children’s Hospital, assistant senior cardiovascular surgery specialist and one of the cardiovascular surgeon’s from Moscow’s  Healthcare Department.

The operation was carried out by doctors from the Morozov Children’s Hospital together with Professor Eduard Charchyan who is head of the Petrovsky Russian Scientific Centre for Aortic Surgery.

“This sort of an operation is of paramount importance not only for the Moscow healthcare system but also for the international medical community, especially when it concerns young patients,” said Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Healthcare Department Alexei Khripun. He added that the girl now feels fine having been released from hospital three weeks after the operation. However, she remains under medical supervision.

Founded in 1903 the Morozov Children’s Hospital is one of the oldest medical facilities in Moscow. Currently, it is made up of 47 departments dealing with children. The hospital employs over 2,500 staff, including 582 doctors with 48 holding degrees in medicine, 107 have PhDs in medicine, two hold honoury titles of Russia and two hold honoury titles of Moscow.