Bitsa Forest resident weasel

Bitsa Forest resident weasel
Weasels feeds on mice and grey rats thus controlling the population of the rodents.

Moscow’s Environment Department experts have found a common weasel in Bitsa Forest. The predator seemed to like posing, so they have managed to take some pictures.

The rapid metabolism makes weasels hunt a lot. Their relatively short paws help them hunt even in deep snow.

Weasels feed on mice and grey rats thus controlling the  population of the rodents which roam around the city. After a good hunt, they rest for some time, often right in their prey’s burrow. The animal is included in the Moscow Red Data Book.

The Bitsevsky Forest Natural and History Park is one of the largest in Moscow. There is the Touch the Nature eco-trail for visually impaired walkers. The route includes an apiary, open-air cages with animals, an apothecary garden with herbs and a rock garden. There are also Braille navigation signs.

Visitors on the trail can see a water-parting line between two rivers and a spring as well as they can learn new facts about hydrology, fauna, trees and plants in the forest from the information boards.

There is also another eco-trail near the river Bitsa. It is located alongside the left riverbank and in the natural landmark “Old fir forest of the Znamenskoye-Sadki estate.”

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