Unity Day Festival: Looking back

Unity Day Festival: Looking back
Moscow restaurateurs offered special menus, and farmers sold cheese and fish produced in Russian regions.

The Unity Day Festival, which was held in Moscow from 3 to 5 November, was visited by almost 1.9 million people according to Nataliya Sergunina, Deputy Mayor and Head of the Mayor and Government Executive Office.

“Unity Day is one of the most important and joyful holidays! On this day we recall the history of our country and again we are surprised at the diverse traditions of its peoples. On 3-5 November, almost 1.9 million people visited the celebrations throughout the city. Muscovites and tourists got acquainted with the traditions and customs of the peoples of Russia, watched performances by creative teams, tried and learned to cook national dishes, and also participated in immersive performances and workshops,” she said.

How people had fun

In total, 609 workshops were held at festival sites; about 7,400 people took part. About 9,000 visitors took part in games and competitions.

Thirty-five thousand people watched almost 150 performances by creative teams.

In addition, daily immersive performances were held on Tverskaya and Manezhnaya squares, with about 15,000 spectators and participants. Nearly 65,000 guests rode the carousel.

Unity Day: A festival with around 350 workshops

What people bought

Moscow restaurateurs prepared special menus for guests and people tried national dishes from different Russian regions. In general, more than 10,700 hot dishes and over 3,700 liters of hot tea and coffee were served during festival days.

Retail chalets were also popular. More cheese was sold than anything else: for three days, people bought almost 11 tonnes of cheese produced by Russian farmers using modern and classic recipes.

Almost 3.5 tonnes of fish were sold at the fish fair, including 1,680 kg of chilled fish, 970 kg of frozen fish and over 750 kg of smoked fish.

Also, about 600 kg of meat products were sold during the festival. In addition, people bought almost 3,000 souvenirs.

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