Bitsa River’s floodplain park gets an amphitheatre on the hill and a football field

Bitsa River’s floodplain park gets an amphitheatre on the hill and a football field
Those into recreational walks will enjoy the new improved embankment along Verkhny and Maly Kachalovsky ponds.

The city has recently completed improving the park in the Bitsa River’s floodplain. The work on this park, which has a total area of 14.7 ha, has been underway since summer. Since then, workers have created paths, bicycle lanes and flowerbeds, upgraded the lawns, and equipped the park with sports areas, playgrounds, recreational zones, plus a dog run.

At the local residents’ request, the city also opened a special pavilion by the main entrance to the park located from the side of 10 Ratnaya Street. The new pavilion offers a view onto the embankment and a path with benches along it. Next spring, this territory will be a mass of greenery together with flowers.

Those into football will get an opportunity to enjoy the new artificial grass football field, which complies with FIFA and Russian Football Union’ standards. It measures about 2,500 sq m and can be used throughout the whole year.

Moreover, the city also equipped the park with outside workout zones, areas for playing chess and table tennis, plus a single sports ground for playing streetball, volleyball and basketball. The park’s sports grounds alone measure almost 5,000 sq m.

“This park was popular among the locals before, too,” stated a representative from Moscow’s Department for Major Housing Repairs’ press service. “However, they would often say that it lacked convenient modern playgrounds and sports grounds, outside workout equipment and other recreational activity areas. All these concerns were addressed in the course of the improvement work.”

In the northwestern part of the park, one can now find an unusual concert venue – an amphitheatre on a hill with a capacity of up to 350 viewers. The wooden seats are installed on the six rows of gabions – structures consisting of rocks and metallic mesh that descend to the stage.

The covered stage measures 168 sq m and is made in the shape of a cube, and offers people an additional level that doubles as a vista point, offering a panoramic view of the park territory. At dusk, the amphitheatre will be illuminated.

Between the amphitheatre and the stage, there is an open space that can be used as stalls, a dance floor or a secondary stage.

Along the ponds, an embankment was created. Its total length is 1.5 km, and the route was planned in a way that allows people to enjoy different kinds of recreational activities. For better access to the water, workers installed four wooden decks with railings plus three descending decks with seats. During the next warm season, the city will decorate the ponds with floating fountains with dynamic lighting. Each will simultaneously produce 17 streams of water with a total height of 11 m. The fountains will not only decorate the ponds, but will also help to clean them, never allowing the waters to go stagnant.

The city also replaced four park bridges which badly needed to be repaired. The new bridges look like small arcs with railings. Each of them is over 12 m long and about three m wide.

Now visitors can spend the entire day in the park’s recreational area. The city decided to go one step further and install WCs and lighting throughout the whole park. The Bitsa floodplain park is now open for visitors. Workers have almost finished planting all the trees and have been checking over everything.

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This year, the city had 82 green spots on its improvement list, including 24 city parks and nature zones, 25 new local parks and 33 landmarks, including boulevards, public gardens and squares that are most popular among the locals. Improvement work in Park Pobedy in Zelenograd and the Lyublino Estate Park in the Southeastern Administrative Area will continue next year. To learn more about the new parks and public gardens and improvement work carried out in Moscow’s green spots, check out the website’s special project section.